All essay series by Jim Richardson

Several ongoing chonky essay series about my obsessions: art, literature, music, my relationship with Lake Superior, the secret history of Duluth, Minnesota, and other stuff. I keep this updated as new installments appear. Thank you to Perfect Duluth Day for the bandwidth.

My Favorite Writers/Biggest Influences

Jorge Luis Borges. William S. Burroughs. J.G. Ballard. Stanislaw Lem. Italo Calvino.

Avant-Garde Women

Eliane Brau: The Invisible Icon. The Shakespearean Tragedy of Peggy and Pegeen Guggenheim. Michele Bernstein: Queen of the Situationists. Sophie Taeuber, Founding Dadaist. The Hundred-Jointed Dancer and the Laban Ladies. Coming Soon: Emmy Hennings, “Dada’s Mystic Mother”.

Indy-Rock Guitar Goddess She-roes

Some of my Indy-Rock Guitar Goddess She-roes. More of my Indy-Rock Guitar Goddess She-roes. Coming Soon: Yet More. Related: The Musician as Inventor.

The Adventures of Lake Superior Aquaman

Freediving the Edmund Fitzgerald. Nautical Milestone for the Duluth Autonomous Navy. AP: Lake Superior Bull Shark Eradicated by Duluth Autonomous Navy. Sharkgate: the Lake Superior Bull Shark Conspiracy. On the Recent Ice Angler Rescue. My 100% True Adventures. My Origin Story. Acceptance Speech: Mayor of Snow-Fort City. Iceberg Ride One Year Ago Today “Do Not Attempt”. The Duluth Psychedelic Sermon.

The Secret History of Duluth, Minnesota

The 2005 Duluth Art Institute RiotApple Man: Duluth’s Depression-Era Action Hero. World’s Longest Comments ThreadThe Floating Island of Fremont, Duluth’s Breakaway Township. Lake Inferior: The Underground Lake Beneath Lake Superior. The Janus, Ghost Ship of Lake Superior. Duluth, Minnesota and the Lost Confederate GoldLake Superior Sea Monster: Three Fatal Encounters. Glensheen Denies Occult Rituals of Disgraced Congdon Nephew. (Related: Occultists Deny “Glensheen Denies Occult Rituals” Story.) Bob Dylan’s Last Hit. Also: Ghosts of the French River: The Book (with Erin Sola).

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Jim Richardson

Convivial Memories of an Epicurean Hedonist Con Mucho Gusto. Schrodinger’s Beer: A Refutation of Quantum Physics From the Duluth Bar SceneDreams and Themes. For Father’s Day I Denounce My White Confederate Heritage (Related: my interview with Robin Washington about the essay). I Demand a Lakewalk. I Don’t Want to See Another Naked Woman As Long As I Live.

For the completist, here is the list of everything I’ve ever posted on PDD including my top 30 photos and my top 20 videos. Thanks fam.

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