Essay series by Jim Richardson

Since 2020 and the dawn of the Covid era, I have written ongoing chonky essay series about my obsessions: art, literature, music, my relationship with Lake Superior, and other stuff. I will keep this updated as new installments appear. Thank you to Perfect Duluth Day for the bandwidth.

My Favorite Writers/Biggest Influences

Jorge Luis Borges. William S. Burroughs. J.G. Ballard. Stanislaw Lem. Italo Calvino.

Avant-Garde Women

Eliane Brau: The Invisible Icon. The Shakespearean Tragedy of Peggy and Pegeen Guggenheim. Michele Bernstein: Queen of the Situationists. Sophie Taeuber, Founding Dadaist. The Hundred-Jointed Dancer and the Laban Ladies. Coming Soon: Emmy Hennings, Founding Dadaist.

Indy-Rock Guitar Goddess She-roes

Some of my Indy-Rock Guitar Goddess She-roes. More of my Indy-Rock Guitar Goddess She-roes. Coming Soon: Yet More. Related: The Musician as Inventor.

The Adventures of Lake Superior Aquaman

Freediving the Edmund Fitzgerald. Nautical Milestone for the Duluth Autonomous Navy. AP: Lake Superior Bull Shark Eradicated by Duluth Autonomous Navy. Sharkgate: the Lake Superior Bull Shark Conspiracy. On the Recent Ice Angler Rescue. My 100% True Adventures. My Origin Story. Acceptance Speech: Mayor of Snow-Fort City. Iceberg Ride One Year Ago Today “Do Not Attempt”. The Duluth Psychedelic Sermon.

The Secret History of Duluth, Minnesota

The 2005 Duluth Art Institute RiotApple Man: Duluth’s Depression-Era Action Hero. The Floating Island of Fremont, Duluth’s Breakaway Township. Lake Inferior: The Underground Lake Beneath Lake Superior. The Janus, Ghost Ship of Lake Superior. Duluth, Minnesota and the Lost Confederate Gold.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Jim Richardson

Convivial Memories of an Epicurean Hedonist Con Mucho Gusto. Schrodinger’s Beer: A Refutation of Quantum Physics From the Duluth Bar SceneDreams and Themes. For Father’s Day I Denounce My White Confederate Heritage. I Demand a Lakewalk. I Don’t Want to See Another Naked Woman As Long As I Live.

Richardson Bros. Fiction (co-written with Allen Richardson)

World’s Longest Comments Thread. Bar Fight. The Haunted Groom. Related: Ghosts of the French River: The Book (with Erin Sola).

For the completist, here is the list of everything I’ve ever posted on PDD including my top 30 photos and my top 20 videos. Thanks fam.

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