Duluth 2018 Primary Election Results

With 3,687 of 4,112 precincts reporting, here are the statewide results for races relevant to Duluth.


United States Senator, Republican Party
Jim Newberger – 182,517
Merrill Anderson – 40,809
Rae Hart Anderson – 23,225
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente – 15,415

United States Senator, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Amy Klobuchar – 516,740
Steve Carlson – 9,000
Stephen A. Emery – 6,483
David Robert Groves – 4,157
Leonard J. Richards – 3,288

United States Senator (special election to fill two-year term), Republican Party
Karin Housley – 169,072
Bob Anderson – 96,178
Nikolav Nikolavevich Bey – 6,641

United States Senator (special election to fill two-year term), Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Tina Smith – 401,807
Richard W. Painter – 72,871
Ali Chehem Ali – 17,884
Gregg A. Iverson – 16,284
Nick Leonard – 15,276
Christopher Lovell Seymore Sr. – 4,638

United States Representative, Minnesota District 8, Republican Party
Pete Stauber – 34,847
Harry Robb Welty – 4,093

United States Representative, Minnesota District 8, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Joe Radinovich – 23,187
Michelle D. Lee – 15,438
Kristen Kennedy – 6,447
Jason Metsa – 6,278
Soren Christian Sorensen – 2,005


Minnesota Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Republican Party
Jeff Johnson and Donna Bergstrom – 152,422
Tim Pawlenty and Michelle Fischbach – 127,383
Mathew (Matt) Kruse and Theresa Loeffler – 10,087

Minnesota Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan – 227,278
Erin Murphy and Erin Maye-Quade – 176,158
Lori Swanson and Rick Nolan – 128,002
Tim Holden and James P. Mellin II – 5,838
Ole Savior and Chris Edman – 3,721

Minnesota Attorney General, Republican Party
Doug Wardlow – 123,663
Sharon Anderson – 85,385
Robert Lessard – 56,439

Minnesota Attorney General, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Keith Ellison – 262,660
Debra Hilstrom – 98,796
Tom Foley – 64,199
Matt Pelikan – 56,098
Mike Rothman – 41,617

Postcard from West Third Street in 1908

This postcard was mailed 110 years ago today — Aug. 14, 1908. It depicts a scene looking northeast on Third Street at about 24th Avenue West. The church steeple in the right foreground is Bethany Lutheran Church, built in 1903.

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Tie-breaking Poll for Perfect Iron Range Restaurant

The competition for Perfect Iron Range Restaurant has been hot! The poll started with 25 nominees. With the help of your votes, we whittled it down to three contenders: BoomTown Woodfire Bar & Grill (Eveleth), Vi’s Pizza and the Whistling Bird.

We aimed to have the poll wrapped up by now, but for the first time in PDD history we have a tie. Since BoomTown and Vi’s tied with 36 percent of the popular vote (Whistling Bird had 28 percent), we need to run one final poll to decide between the two.

What is the best restaurant in the Iron Range region?

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Shuggy Ray Smith – “Ruth from Duluth”

This little tune, purportedly released in December of 1965, is about a “little pretty girl” from Duluth who “eats corn on the cob through a picket fence.” Enjoy.

PDD Quiz: Murals of Duluth

The past year has seen a veritable explosion of public art in Duluth, especially murals. Put your art smarts to the test and see how much you know about Duluth’s murals!

The next PDD Quiz, reviewing the local events that made headlines this month, will be published on Aug. 26. Please email question suggestions to Alison Moffat [email protected] by Aug. 23.


Five late-40s white guys, all former University of Minnesota Duluth athletes, walk into a bar:

1. War: a Sheridan, Wyoming, EMT, gunsmith, vegetable gardener, log-home builder, cancer survivor, and mead-maker who deadlifts more than 500 pounds, has a powerfully agile and bibliographic brain, and could probably still start at D-II defensive tackle;

2. E: a northern-Twin Cities-suburbs cop who moonlights for the Metro Transit Police because his adolescent boys’ college won’t pay for itself, who once worked as a guard at Minnesota Correctional Facility Stillwater, who thinks deep thoughts but keeps everyone else from getting too serious about anything, and who knows things most people will never want or have to know;

3. Big Daddy: a northern-suburbs dad, high-school ceramics teacher, and coach — football (defensive line), hockey, track and field (shot and disc throwers) — who’s also a bicycle geek, music nerd, fishing addict, and, as nearly anyone who’s met him will tell you, a supreme raconteur;

4. Tom: a southern-burbs dentist and dad who’s done the Superior Trail 100, the Death Race, and a bunch of other insane endurance events, who’s unfailingly steady and kind (unless he drinks a quick handful of beers, in which case he gets pleasantly lippy), and whose family includes a pug elder, a middle-kid bulldog, and a brand new Jack Russell terrier;

5. G: an anxious Duluth college writing teacher (a lifer toward the bottom of the academic hierarchy) who’s got no idea how to leverage his newish Ed.D. in teaching and learning, spends unwise time trying to figure out what’s wrong with him and why, finds solace in music and bicycles and physical labor, and sometimes thinks he wishes he’d had the foresight to become a full-time firefighter who travels and reads as much as possible instead of whatever he feels like and is.

First guy walks up to the bar. Looks at the bartender and says …

Selective Focus: Duluth and Northern Minnesota Film Photographers

Photo courtesy of Kip Praslowicz

There’s a show currently hanging at Blacklist, photography all shot on film by area photographers. The pieces come from members of the Duluth and Northern Minnesota Film Photographers, a group that meets monthly to discuss the process, challenges and variations of shooting on film. The evening will be both a reception for the show and one of the monthly meet-ups.

Video: Lester River Otter

Eleven seconds of nature shot yesterday at Lester River by Richard Hoeg.

Duluth Patch Collection

Just for the Duluth of it, here’s a collection of embroidered patches. If you’re rockin’ a cloth badge or simply have it stored for safe keeping, add it in the comments and grow the collection.

“Seen or Heard Sasquatch? Discrete Reporting”

This ad appeared in the Sunday Duluth News Tribune; a web search shows it also appeared in the Superior Telegram. I bet there’s a story here.

SEEN OR HEARD SASQUATCH? DISCRETE REPORTING If you’ve heard or seen something similar to what is described below, we want to know. You are one of many people in this area who have had a possible encounter. You’re not crazy. This is real, and I want to hear from you. If you’ve experienced High Pitched Sustained Screams, Long Howls, much deeper then that of a Wolf or Coyote, Loud Penetrating Roars, Grunts, Growls, Wood Knocks, Yelps, Whoops, Barks, Stacked Rock Displays, Stick Shelters, Organized Tree Structures made with Uprooted Uncut Sticks, or even if you’ve seen Heard Indistinguishable Talking, found Footprints or witnessed the Animal itself, please contact me. Your name will not be used without express permission from you. As a side note, it can be quite liberating to speak to someone who knows the truth. I want nothing from you except your story. Call, Text or email me. Jeff 651-302-3800, jjs5perctr @ gmail.com

Will they take the “Duluth” out of the Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Outer Light?

The West Central Tribune of Willmar reports the Willmar City Council is considering bringing the Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Outer Light to the west-central Minnesota community.

Story link: Could a lighthouse soon light the way for boaters on Willmar’s lakes?

Western Auto Supply Company of Duluth

The fancy booklet above is circa 1930. Western Auto Supply Company once occupied the building that is today known as the Center for Non-violence at 202 E. Superior St. in Duluth.

Video Archive: Rick Rude vs. Kim Yates in Duluth, 1988

What Rick Rude would like right now is for all you fat, ugly, Duluth little boys to keep the noise down while he takes off his robe and shows the ladies what “simply ravishing” is all about.

Doug Setterberg & Stan Boreson – “Scandinavian Hot Shot”

From the album Yust Try to Sing-a-long in Swedish with Doug Setterberg & Stan Boreson, Golden Crest Records, undated (circa 1962).

Local music fans will recognize this tune as the inspiration for the Hoot Owls song “Scandinavian Hot Rod.”