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Comment on Photos of Lake Superior Aquaman by Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

Hi Derek -- I did not mean to omit that one; I failed to include most media photos in general for no particular reason, so thank you!

Comment on Condemned Esmond building gutted by fire by FlatusMaximas

Is this the old hotel that was once owned by Brad Patullo’s mom?

Comment on My message to FedEx about their Duluth branch by Helmut Flaag

Have you tried the ‘ol two fingered man-tap on the boys greeting? Followed by harsh language? If that doesn’t work graduate to one of those light spring action Red Ryder BB guns or some homemade pepper spray. Hit em on the way out. Pavlov will beg...

Comment on Matchbooks from Superior-area Restaurants and Bars by toyota200x

Really cool to see the history of restaurants and bars in Superior. Wish I could take a trip back in time and see the main drags of Superior.

Comment on The SuperiorLab-Marquette Disaster by real_matty_pizza

I think LSA needs to get in touch with the mayor of Two Harbors.

Comment on Old Morgan Park Apartment Houses by Paul Lundgren

Originally this blog post was titled “That Part of Morgan Park that No Longer Exists,” but it’s been changed to “Old Morgan Park Apartment Houses,” after some follow-up back-and-forth with Ina by email led to the sense that Ina’s childhood home st...

Comment on Ye Olde Corner Grocery by Mbone

Grandparents Julius and Mary Bonello owned and operated JB Grocery at 2555 London Road (now Black Woods Grill and Bar) in the 1950s and ’60s. It was a Fairway Store. But Grandpa Bonello had a fruit stand in front. I understand he was known for wat...

Comment on Postcard from the Duluth Yacht Club by shalenbeck

The Duluth Boat Club still exists as an umbrella organization for a number of water related clubs. The Duluth Boat Club’s mission is to enhance water front access for all. They are working to try to recreate this postcard with some new i...

Comment on Minnesota Point Lighthouse Painting by Buzzard

I was looking at this thrown in with a box of dildos, a used one hitter, Best of Slim Whitman, Montana Slim and a broken mini bong. I wouldn’t get my money back at the flea market at the fair in Barnum.

Comment on Historic Floorplans by Maureen M.

Stop in at the Duluth Public Main Library’s reference desk! We might be able to help. In the meantime, here is a link to some resources.

Comment on Historic Floorplans by Cory Fechner

The top advice on PDD’s Facebook thread on this subject is to visit Duluth City Hall, where the building permit office has microfiche files listed by address that include permits for wiring, plumbing, additions, and sometimes the house’s original ...

Comment on Historic Floorplans by aluminumpork

A few years ago, I was able to find the original permit filing for my house at city hall in the permit office; this included the floor plans. My house was built in the 1930s, so perhaps there’s hope for yours?

Comment on Two Superior warehouses destroyed by fire by woody

That sucks. I had hopes that Earth Rider Brewery would have been the catalyst for a craft district on that end of town. Those buildings were begging for redevelopment. Superior’s answer to Lincoln Park.

Comment on Two Superior warehouses destroyed by fire by Helmut Flaag

That’s fucking great. God dammit. The two best looking buildings in that whole area. Son of a bitch that pisses me off.

Comment on Duluth’s Emerson School by llinmpls

I attended Emerson from 1964 to 1970 or thereabouts, where the trees are in the photo was a tall slide. It must have been six or seven feet tall. In the winter some of the boys would wear our dress shoes with hard soles to school and we’d go down ...

Comment on Duluth’s Emerson School by Dave Sorensen

I think I moved in there around December 1982. It may have closed in 1979.

Comment on Roy Halvorson: Christmas Tree King by Les Locklear

What a great company to work for! The tree business evolved into the Bombardier tractor line and eventually Ski Doo snowmobiles. The tree division was kept separate and they formed Halvorson Equipment, Inc. They became the largest snowmobile distr...

Comment on New restaurants abound in Duluth/Superior; trend is tacos by jakolson

Forgot to include Blue Rock Grill …

Lots of great whiskey!

Comment on Saturday Essay: Select Gems from 2021 by Shane Bauer

Whoa, this has to be the first big snub of the award season with Anna T’s “Crime” not getting a nod here!

Comment on Postcard from Duluth’s Shipping District by Paul Lundgren

They do look a little different, but keep in mind that postcard illustrators are known to alter details.

It’s pretty tricky to get Goolge Maps to line up with the old postcard image, but I gave it a shot. This probably doesn’t help us much.

Comment on Postcard from Duluth’s Shipping District by Mark Nicklawske

I don’t think that’s the existing Sacred Heart steeple -- there’s no cross on the top and the base looks different. Maybe it’s the early Sacred Heart church building that burned in 1892? (Image by Jan Stewart)

Comment on Investigations into the Literary History of Duluth, Continued: Duluth Benedictine Books by John Schifsky

I am interested in answering your questions. Can you provide me you email so I can contact you directly?

Comment on Roy Halvorson: Christmas Tree King by Buzzard

The internet would have us believe that Hugh Beaumont, aka Ward Cleaver, retired to a Christmas tree farm near Grand Rapids.

Comment on New Lincoln Park housing takes over old furniture row by aluminumpork

It is so cool to see these buildings with restored windows. The Enger building is so beautiful with them back. I wonder what happened to the fake display house that was located on the 3rd (2nd?) floor?

Comment on Makwa Ziibiins Miikana: Bear Creek Trail to Wisconsin Point by Paul Lundgren

One year later update: As of November 2021 numbers were added to the timber crossings and the trail extension on the other side of Moccasin Mike Road was partially completed.

There is a long walkway built over a marsh.

A fence closes off the en...

Comment on List of Bands that Have Played Head of the Lakes Fair in Superior by Paul Lundgren

Looks like the squirrel went berserk in Superior in 1988. Ray Stevens did two sets.

Comment on Accordion Steve rocks! by Brian Barber

He is featured prominently in WDSE’s Iron Opera documentary that recently aired. That kid’s gonna be big.

Comment on NCIS Duluth: Kathy Laster’s Happy Place by Beverly Godfrey

If I currently lived in Hawaii, how fondly would I remember Duluth? I guess I’ll never know.

Comment on “Duluth on Duluth” by David Beard

THAT IS AWESOME. I will look for more information!

Comment on “Duluth on Duluth” by Dave Sorensen

Your project jarred my memory. I don’t know if this obscure tidbit is of interest to anyone, but back when KUMD was WDTH, there was a poetry program put together by a couple of guys from Superior called The Inner Ear. UMD has some PDFs as part of ...

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