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Comment on Mud by Eric Chandler

I looked at the mud in the Turnagain Arm when the tide was out when I lived up there. As scary here as I remembered.

Comment on West Duluth bar scene adding Boreal House by Ashley Sellers

Their Website mentions a January 2020 opening but no official date yet. Any news?

Comment on Grandma’s Marathon 2019 Double: 52.4-mile Bachelor Party by Nobody

Zach is Eric’s son.
Last year was Eric’s 20th consecutive Grandma’s (!) and, as noted, his 8th Grandma’s Double, that he uses as a training run for the Leadville 100 run.

Comment on Duluth Tap Exchange brings self-serve brews to Lincoln Park by Paul Lundgren

Update: The name has apparently changed again. Originally it was Up North Beer Exchange, then Duluth Beer Exchange, and now it is Duluth Tap Exchange.

And it opened on Jan. 18. Yes, it’s “now now open.” Later now? No, now now.

Comment on Postcard from the Rustic Bridge at Lester Park in 1910 by markryan

The questionable name looks to be “King.” The church he mentioned living next to would be the First M. E. Church (First Methodist Episcopal Church). “Rubyor” could be a bad attempt at spelling “Rueben.”

Comment on Taco Arcada closing; Noble Pour opening by Paul Lundgren

North Shore Federal Credit Union has announced plans to open its second Duluth branch in the Taco Arcada location in mid-2020.

Info via Business North

Comment on Selective Focus: Tommy Kronquist by Medium Control

Thanks so much PDD, truly appreciate it !

Comment on Jessica Lange: Behind the Lens (in Duluth) by Helmut Flaag

She sure loves the camera. For show-and-tell I would bring my bird. Then share a sonnet in word. I once knew a codger who had her in class. She’d sculpted these hands from God given ass. Ah but the Baby Boomers might’ve had a blast. Could have bee...

Comment on Jessica Lange: Behind the Lens (in Duluth) by Rob Dean

Lived in Duluth more than 50 years. Beautiful place, beautifully people. One of the most beautiful places anywhere in the summer … love the lake … except when the wind switches and the temp drops 10-15 degrees in an hour. Took me 6 months to adjus...

Comment on Duluth Schools of the 1890s by Charlene Haynes Barbknecht

Is there any information about Fond du Lac school?

Comment on Jessica Lange: Behind the Lens (in Duluth) by Terri Amendola

Beautiful place for a beautiful lady! I love Duluth!

Comment on Vomit Detective by Paul Lundgren

Thanks Marykay. As mentioned below the essay, I have a book available. If you click on the words The Spowl Ribbon it will take you to page where it can be purchased online. It’s also available at Zenith Bookstore in West Duluth.

If you go to perfe...

Comment on Jessica Lange: Behind the Lens (in Duluth) by Clarice Coit

Lived in Duluth beautiful area. Beautiful place to visit.

Comment on Vomit Detective by Marykay Wiberg

LOVED this. Laughed myself nearly to vomiting! (How appropriate.) What else have you written? Where can I find it?

Comment on Jessica Lange: Behind the Lens (in Duluth) by Buddy Mills

This is awesome! I live in Duluth but I’m originally from San Diego, Calif. I agree there’s something special and undefinable about this place.

Comment on Duluth Schools of the 1890s by Paul Lundgren

Arnold School was an elementary and middle school outside Duluth city limits on Arnold Road in Rice Lake. At the time, Rice Lake was a township; it became a city in 2015. I think the school was, however, a part of the Duluth School District. As ne...

Comment on Duluth Schools of the 1890s by dachsiepal

What about Arnold School? My dad and his cousins went there. My mom attended Washington Jr. High.

Comment on Duluth Trivia Deck Sampler #35 by Paul Lundgren

Regarding question #1 about the Work People’s College, above are modern and old-school photos. The modern one is from last winter, shot by John Hatcher, showing the building in its current use as apartments. The old one was first published in Int...

Comment on View from Skyline Parkway of Downtown Duluth in 1899 by Paul Lundgren

Barb Monsaas offers another perspective on Facebook, suggesting the dirt road is Seventh Street near where it intersected Skyline.”

Comment on View from Skyline Parkway of Downtown Duluth in 1899 by Paul Lundgren

Yeah, it’s kind of tricky to tell if Jackson was just up the hill from Pittsburg, or farther up by Skyline and the lense makes it appear closer to Pittsburg. And maybe Pittsburg wasn’t Pittsburg back then or didn’t exist at all for all we know.


Comment on View from Skyline Parkway of Downtown Duluth in 1899 by llinmpls

I would put the location of the shoot at Fourth Avenue West and Pittsburg Avenue. I posted a Where in Duluth photo from that location -- although my pic is looking up the stairway. You can see Munger Terrace and the caretaker house. There also app...

Comment on Fargo Duluth Montage by Marcia Cartie Hron

Cool information on “Fargo” (the movie and the TV series) Paul! I enjoy your posts!

Comment on Duluth’s Christmas of 1889 was finer than ever by Paul Lundgren

Mr. Jackson was apparently a rather diminutive fellow, which was poked fun of in an 1885 Board of Trade resolution printed in the Duluth News Tribune and recounted on the Zenith City website in a profile of John C. Hunter Family.

Comment on R.I.P. Louis Jenkins by Paul Lundgren

One of my favorites by one of my favorites:

“Heaven,” from The Winter Road by Louis Jenkins, 2000, Holy Cow! Press.

Comment on Selective Focus: Santa Claus by Helmut Flaag

I think Santa has smoked a lot of dope in his day.

Comment on Parking Structure, Michigan Avenue, US Bank by Bob L

I was told by a US Bank employee that the engineers have determined that it was time to shut it down due to safety concerns. Initially the top floor of the ramp was closed and would be followed by a complete closure in late December. After the wet...

Comment on Guide to Duluth-area Podcasts in 2019 by Paul Lundgren

New as of Dec. 15:

Duluth! The Podcast
Anna Tennis, Mary Tennis and Ian Vincent gather in a Duluth basement and use swear words to describe current affairs or the topic at hand.

Available on: duluththepodcast.com | Anchor | Spotify

Comment on PDD Gift Guide 2019 by Paul Lundgren

Renegade Improv winter hats, created by Duluth Screen Printing Co., are on sale at the Zeitgeist Teatro Box Office. The black-and-white ones are $25; the blue beanies are $18.

Comment on More Duluth climate-change refuge speculation by Dave Sorensen

Here is the prophet Tiny Tim, around 1968, warning the children about rising sea levels.

Comment on Ticket to Ride Boardgame by Paul Lundgren

If you check out the Recommended Links above, you’ll see three other posts on Perfect Duluth Day that make note of Duluth’s position on the Ticket to Ride Board.

The first post is from 2014 and one of the comments offers an explanation of how it h...