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Comment on Mit Best Wishes from Duluth by Matthijs

Just for the 100-year-old record, “with” is “mit” in German but “met” in Dutch. Maybe that’s part of the joke?

Comment on Einstürzende alt bauten! by Matthijs

I certainly didn’t consider it crass. I think taking the time and effort to create the post speaks for itself and appreciate being made aware of the demolition. From what very little I can find online about the building, it seems like it was struc...

Comment on Einstürzende alt bauten! by Chris

I hope that the comment I made in the original post didn’t come across as crass. I believe that buildings have souls, they are one way we engage with our environment. They contain us and our life experience. Duluth has a rich soul, in part because...

Comment on Einstürzende alt bauten! by Matthijs

I grew up around the corner from that building and have a rather fuzzy early childhood memory of my first time in the pawnshop. I remember feeling immediately uncomfortable upon entering because the interior of the shop was so old and rather dimly...

Comment on North Country from Above by TomK

Nicely done. Even from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, it’s hard not to miss Northern Minnesota.

Comment on Drone footage from the North Shore of Lake Superior by TomK

I could watch this all day…and sometimes do.

Comment on Lake Superior Surf: Summer 2017 by TomK

I live in landlocked Boulder, CO and people here flip out when I show them videos of folks surfing in Lake Superior.

Comment on Porter’s restaurant closing for renovation and rebranding by Paul Lundgren

An update to this story: Kraus-Anderson will complete the restaurant transformation project. The cost estimate has been bumped up to $1.2 million. Construction will employ 30 people from the Duluth area. A re-opening date and new brand will be ann...

Comment on Inside the old Duluth Central High School bell tower by Paul Lundgren

This postcard was recently added to the “Postcards from Duluth Central High School” collection. It was postmarked Aug. 21, 1904, sent from “Helmer” to Mr. Barry Polzin, who lived on East Eighth Street in Winona, Minn. The handwritten message note...

Comment on Einstürzende alt bauten! by Tony D.

According to the 1974 book “Duluth’s Legacy, Volume One: Architecture,” the building was built in 1889 as the Henry Halkam Store and Apartments, architect unknown. I for one am going to miss that Moorish dome on the corner, one of the last (or th...

Comment on Time Travel by jessige

And they said it would never work to have a female Doctor Who.

This is really cool. I’ve been doing some research on a woman who “disappeared” after being married, and that was in the 1940s. Hell, my MIL sends my birthday card to Mrs. Husband Nam...

Comment on Time Travel by Paul Lundgren

These are my best attempts to attach blown up versions of the two main images in the newspaper ad. Instead of mashing them together disjointedly I left a gap where the fold in the newspaper drops out part of the photos.

Comment on Downtown Duluth lands big museum-style art gallery by K. Praslowicz

Oooh. I like this. The first job I had in Duluth was in that building. The prospect of coming back around to eventually doing a show in that space would be great.

Comment on Time Travel by Gina Temple-Rhodes

Thanks, Heidi! I didn’t take much time looking for her name. But I see it was an irresistible mystery, eh? Glad she had her own name after all.

Comment on Time Travel by hbh1

We share this passion, of course! I’m glad you found out more!

I find that though city directories and newspaper articles nearly never mention a married woman’s first name, the census often does. (Sometimes not, because it’s self-reported and some...

Comment on Zayre Shoppers’ City Discount Department Store in West Duluth by Roy St George

First off, all the mice in the pet dept. were baby rats from nearby Elliott Meats.

Secondly, I too, saw the funky monkey. Nuff said.

That green pond … is still there … somewhere.

Fullerton Lumber fire could be seen as far east as the ore docks. W...

Comment on PDD Quiz: Breakfast Diners of the Twin Ports by bhall

Paul, can we get a “6-years later” follow up piece on breakfast diners?

Comment on Martha’s Daughter to transform Original Coney Island by Sam

Nyanyika Banda’s food is always great. Looking forward to the new Coney Island. PDD should announce the grand opening.

Comment on Head of the Lakes Fair Demolition Derby 2017 by Helmut Flaag

Hey I love watching dudes wreck shit too Cory. That’s why the American led invasion of Iraq was so great. Its was like a giant real-life demolition derby with the backing of trillions of US taxpayer dollars so we could really break some shit.


Comment on I Wonder by Dave Sorensen

He Who Shall, So Shall He Who!

Comment on Duluth-area Podcasts and Other Audio Productions on the Web by ms dean

We have a few KUMD podcasts of short programs we air. Larry Weber’s Backyard Almanac is a great phenology segment we do every Friday. We cover local and regional art on Radio Gallery, and also have a podcast of a student-hosted program from earli...

Comment on Head of the Lakes Fair Demolition Derby 2017 by Helmut Flaag

For a second I was confused why we killed the natives and stole their land but when I see this it all makes sense.

Comment on I Wonder by Robert Lillegard

Very good writing!

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. His invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the t...

Comment on Merganser Cam by hbh1

Persistence pays off!

Comment on I Wonder by Helmut Flaag

“What’s amazing is our ability to stifle our amazement.”

Comment on I Wonder by vicarious

Amazing writing. Thank you.

Comment on Upset Duluth by Paul Lundgren

Maxine Taylor listens from the back of the City Council Chambers to speakers debating the proposal for a Living Wage Ordinance in 1997. Photo by Josh Meltzer.

Comment on Found: FitBit on 13th Avenue East leaving Movies in the Park by rev

Thanks @badcat!

Agree -- if you have one of these, it makes a lot of sense to include a phone number or email address! I’m surprised there’s no built-in owner info, whether it’s an owner info screen or something you can pull wirelessly when you c...