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Comment on A Delightful Cruise on the Chicago Queen or the Streamliner by Ellis Anderson

Two itinerant musicians purchased her sometime in 1978 (I believe, it may have been 1977) and brought her down the Mississippi to New Orleans. She served as home to several musicians until sometime in the summer of 1978 when something happened and...

Comment on Mystery Photo #76: 400 block of West Superior Street by Paul Lundgren

Good eye, Matthijs. I didn’t notice the missing Frerker Building in the mystery photo and in other images I thought it was part of the Manhattan Building.

So, indeed, it seems the photo shows the Frerker nearing the latter stages of its removal, w...

Comment on Mystery Photo #76: 400 block of West Superior Street by Matthijs

That middle space may be the most mysterious location of the mystery photo. Part of it was originally occupied by the Frerker Buidling, which was built in 1902 in the space between the Manhattan Building and the Spalding Hotel.

The space that belo...

Comment on Duluth Trivia by David Beard

The cards say… twenty five miles
Edmund Ely
thirty three

The discrepancy on number two means we need Tony and Zenith City Online… Tony?

Comment on Duluth Trivia by Somethin2Say

Guesses for:
#1. 31.4 miles on a clear day

#2 Joshua B. Culver, July 6, 1857

#3 28 grain elevators


Comment on Duluth Trivia by David Beard

Here is the answer to those, as per the cards…
1915 (but the cards have been wrong before)
Taavo Virkhaus

Any guesses on the first three?

Comment on Duluth Target discount store opens in 1962 by rhumola

By any chance does anyone know who were the pharmacists at this Target in Duluth when it opened in the 1960s? I just found out my biological father was one of the pharmacists and there is a possibility his name was Mike.

Thank you! Any informati...

Comment on Duluth Trivia by Matthijs

My high school math teacher was always trying to tell us that trigonometry had many practical applications and now when one finally arrives, I have no idea where to begin, so I’ll have to take a zero on question one, but I have answers for 4, 5, a...

Comment on The Wilbury Index by ScottinDuluth

(stands and applauds)

4/5 Wilbury Here…

Comment on The Wilbury Index by Brian Barber

We were watching one of those PBS Roy Orbison concerts a year or 2 ago, and I commented to my wife that Roy Orbison ALWAYS seemed old, even back in the 60s. So he must be super old now. She got on the Google and replied, “In this show, he’s the sa...

Comment on Northland Country Club, prior to 1918 fire by The Big E

I’ve always been intrigued as to how the country club burned but so much else in Lakeside didn’t.

Comment on Cross City Trail in Duluth — Connecting the Munger Trail and Lakewalk at last by cosmojr

The Cross City Trail is still not complete. If you would like to join a group that is working hard to get the trail to go where the citizens want it to go please contact me at [email protected] (Friends of Western Duluth Parks & Trails)

Comment on The Wilbury Index by Helmut Flaag

Thanks for touching on the Orb. He was a mountain of sound. Rediscovering him myself recently and scouring his albums for lost gems such as Afraid to Sleep, I too was shocked to learn he died at 52. It’s funny, the only time they call you young af...

Comment on Opening Sam Ali by FranceneStarr

It would have been nice if Jimmy had mentioned DULUTH.

Comment on The Return of Kiss by Paul Lundgren

You are correct, Scott. The poster originally included in the post — and now shown in this comment — must not be authentic. The show was indeed in 1979.

Comment on The Return of Kiss by ScottinDuluth

Nope, Oct. 6, 1979, 39 years ago … I don’t know where that top poster is from, but its wrong.

Comment on I wish you would send that pillow by Gina Temple-Rhodes

I believe Alphonse was Alphonse Linnemann of Duluth, and Lylian (or Lillian) was his niece. Lylian’s mother was Lena M. Koop (nee Linnemann).

Also interesting to note this postcard was sent nine days after the particular disaster noted in the pho...

Comment on Duluth 2018 General Election Sample Ballot by amy in woodland

Here is a link to the most recent 8th Congressional district debate:

Comment on Perfect Duluth Restaurant Nominations – 2018 by cornsnicker3

At Sara’s Table Chester Creek Cafe
OMC Smokehouse
Uncle Loui’s Cafe for budget option

Comment on Perfect Duluth Restaurant Nominations – 2018 by Red Tomato

The New Scenic is beyond reproach…
Lake Avenue Cafe is next
The rest come after these….

Comment on Mystery Photo #75: Young Woman on a Liden Cabinet Card by Tony D.

Liden’s shop at 1619 W. Superior St. was on Rice’s Point—or rather in Rice’s Point. RP was established as a township by Orrin Rice in 1856 and it included not just the sandbar point proper but all of what became known as the West End, today’s Linc...