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Comment on Art of Peace continues with “Soulstice” by Dave Sorensen

There’s a march starting at 4:30 at the Civic Center. It will be heading in the direction of the above event, and a DFL event at Lake Place Park.

Comment on Call for Volunteers: Goose Deterrence! by A Boy Named Sue

Hi Sam. I’m interested in learning more. My availability is a little spotty this summer, but it sounds like a fun project.

Comment on Freighter American Spirit runs aground near Aerial Lift Bridge by Paul Lundgren

Update: The Duluth News Tribune reports American Spirit “floated free from the bottom” Sunday night “due to a water level rise in the harbor at about 10 p.m.”

Grounded ship freed in Duluth harbor

Comment on Duluth flag? by Paul Lundgren

Eight-years-later update via Duluth News Tribune: “Mayor dreams of replacing seldom-seen city flag

Comment on Toppers Pizza open in Duluth’s East Hillside by David Beard

Maybe, Michael, but the best pizza in the region is Ian’s.

Comment on Toppers Pizza open in Duluth’s East Hillside by Mike Creger

I tried their “classic” today as a trial run, you know, test their signature pie. Poor distribution of ingredients was the first thing I noticed. There was nothing remarkable about the pizza, save that I was transported in time, to my 20s, when I ...

Comment on Duluth Rock and Roll Facts and Rumors by Helmut Flaag

Correction, the owner of Treehouse records just went around telling folks he was in Husker Du. He never really was. I’m not sure why you would pretend yourself into a shitty band. But if you are going to lie, go big. Make up some real shit instead...

Comment on Where in Duluth? Anti-War Edition by TimK

Ding Ding Ding- we have a winner! Malouski has identified the correct intersection where this example of creative vandalism can be seen.

Comment on Where in Duluth? Anti-War Edition by TimK

Nope. Apologies for my filthy windshield.

Comment on Perfect Duluth Day Spelling, Punctuation and Proper Usage Police by Paul Lundgren

The guest on episode #132 of the Duluth News Tribune’s Pressroom Podcast was former UMD hockey player Julianne “Montana” Vasichek, who is now the team’s strength and conditioning coach. She told her story about getting a liver transplant and her r...

Comment on Corktown Deli & Brews and Love Creamery will open June 13 by kerc

‘Do you know that place from when I used to work at UMD and we would get ice cream (at the farmers market at UMD)?’

Yes! I don’t forget good ice cream so easily.

So there you have it. Right out of the mouth of a kid who was 9 or 10 when we were ta...

Comment on PDD Quiz: PDD at 15 by BadCat!

Cinnamon Roll! I wonder what ever happened to him…

Comment on Duluth native gears up for directorial debut on independent film by Sam Weston

Having made a feature film myself (which, by the way, crowdfunded alongside Will’s back when they were called Project Gaslight) I’d say you don’t need to think of directing as “climbing to the top” — hell, that attitude might even be hurtful!


Comment on Duluth Rudolph’s Furniture Store Fire of 1948 by Ramos

“Youths fight Rivera effort to erase God.” It’s amazing that Geraldo was around back then.

Comment on Duluth Rudolph’s Furniture Store Fire of 1948 by Ramos

Look at all that news! There’s a full day’s reading there.

Comment on Dancing About Architecture by brandine

Thanks for the giljunko introduction all those years ago. Changed my life. And the mixes were all very fine.

Comment on Hillside Breeders by brandine

Hi, Ves. I happened upon your essay tonight and enjoyed this glimpse back into your life. Great writing on rabbits, parenting, and Duluth hillside life. Missing it all (and you) from BRNRD.

Comment on Mystery Photo #67: Duluth? by Matthijs

Thanks for adding the links and photos, Paul. One of the more interesting things I noticed in looking at all the old photos of Superior Street was the visibility of the sign for the Minnesotian, Duluth’s first newspaper. It’s just beyond the avenu...

Comment on Mystery Photo #67: Duluth? by Matthijs

I think everyone who commented above really solved this, but taking everyone’s suggestions together seems to give a rather clear answer.

Using Tony’s suggestion of looking in the MNreflection archives, this large panorama photo from 1870 clearly...

Comment on Mystery Photo #67: Duluth? by Paul Lundgren

Yes, Matthjis has nailed it. Above is a cropped comparison, with color adjustment to achieve better symmetry. At left, the mystery photo, at right the Lost Duluth photo. It seems both are circa 1969, before Clark House Hotel was built.

Comment on Mystery Photo #67: Duluth? by Matthijs

This should help. The documentary Lost Duluth (available on Youtube) uses a photo that is cropped differently but must have been taken at almost the exact same time and place as our mystery photo (all the construction debris in the street matches ...