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Comment on A Beaver Dam: Summer to Fall by pats

This is wonderful! Does anyone know if there’s a trail cam in Hartley Park? It would be great to see what other creatures are also having a Perfect Duluth Day.

Comment on Golden Bulldog owner still struggling to open pub near UMD by Loser

Who takes 10 years to open a bar?!?

Either you’re in or you’re out — pick a side and get on with it. We stopped here after it had been opened a few weeks and were told they had no spirits. WTF — you are taking up valuable space on earth — face you...

Comment on Video: Pictured Rocks cliff face plummets into Lake Superior by Bill Nash

I saw the same thing happen at Lake Powell in Arizona in the late 1980s. The spooky thing was that we were in an open boat, and the sun was quite hot. We had considered driving over closer to the cliff, because that was the only place there was ...

Comment on Mystery Photo #140: Fourth of July Gals by Matthijs

This is an unusual mystery photo in that the location is sometimes easy to identify but the people are often lost to history. In this instance, Mike has successfully identified the people but the location of the house remains a mystery.

And yet t...

Comment on Mystery Photo #140: Fourth of July Gals by Mike Creger

June 1928 Ironwood Daily Globe reports Royal Adams visiting his mother with children Katherine, Rosemary and Lorraine.

Comment on Mystery Photo #140: Fourth of July Gals by Mike Creger

There’s a 207 or 202 on the porch post. Looks like an avenue. In 1915, the DNT reported that Royal Adams, of 302 56th Ave. W, was host to his sister, Mrs. Michael Barney, and her children Helen and Bonita from Upson Wis. (Iron County.) Further new...

Comment on David Munyon – “Coffee in Duluth” by Matthijs

This is probably my favorite Duluth song. I came across it years ago but don’t recall where. I didn’t know it was about Bob Dylan but I always had the sense that Duluth was in the lyrics as a place and not just as a rhyme.

While music streaming s...

Comment on Northern Rhythms by real_matty_pizza

I really enjoyed this. Great program!

Comment on References to Duluth in Popular Literature by William Salmon

From John Hassler’s “Staggerford” (1977)

In Duluth’s West End, the old End, Miles parked on a narrow street and pointed to a four-story building of sooty brick.

“That’s where my father lives. I’ll just be a minute.”

Comment on References to Duluth in Popular Literature by William Salmon

From John Sanford’s “Hidden Prey (2005)

Lucas tossed a duffel bag on the passenger seat of his Acura truck, slipped an aging Black Crowes album into the CD player, and headed up I-35 for Duluth.
“Spies,” he thought.

Comment on Perfect Duluth Day Outdoor Summer Concert Primer 2021 by Heiko Edwardson

I will let you in on a little secret … Ides of September … Sept. 24 and 25 at Earth Rider … Bands will be posted a lil later.

Comment on Where in Duluth? #187 by ms dean

BLT2LST is correct! I hiked this interpretive trail for the first time this week and it’s short but really nice. And you can do science!

Comment on Where in Duluth? #187 by blt2lst

I am going to guess Miller Creek by LSC. Also, for those who wish to participate those water level markers are part of a national program to gather hydrologic data. Pretty easy to participate by just texting the water level and the site location. ...

Comment on Where in Duluth? #187 by ms dean

So far on Facebook folks have guessed Chester Creek, Keene Creek, and Hartley. All are incorrect. Here’s a photo with more background.

Comment on Where in Duluth? #187 by Paul Lundgren

The one I’m most familiar with, shown above, is not the one that solves this edition of “Where in Duluth?” but I’m just dropping in with the clue that there are rulers at 15 locations in Duluth streams. Mentioning much more at this moment might d...

Comment on Wop Wap Wopatui Wopatusi Whatever by Buzzard

Another convert to glögg. It has been served by some of the best Norskis I’ve known.

I had the same cooler and gave it up for what would be called wapatuli. It was a weekend-lasting grab-and-gulp on a Rainy Lake houseboat excursion. The key lethal...

Comment on History Mystery: Point of Rocks by ponygrrrrrl

I cannot really tell by the pics you posted if your actually at the Glenn, but I grew up there along with my cousins and many extended family members. The picture I am posting was my grandmother’s yard. Her house foundation can still be found righ...

Comment on The Part of Morgan Park that No Longer Exists by Matthijs

Two places might fit the description in the post. They are marked in red and blue in the image at the bottom of this comment. The Morgan Park map that shows the original layout of the community has been rotated by 90 degrees so that north is at th...

Comment on Great Lakes Aquarium art on Superstore by Matthijs

Given the brevity of the screen time, I’m glad someone caught the reference. In addition to the Great Lakes Aquarium image shown above, the Daymark Designs Etsy page has similarly styled posters for quite a few other local landmarks. I’m looking f...

Comment on Video Archive: Duluth East mid-1960s Film by Howie Loso

at 5:45 is that a cigarette she is holding?

Comment on Peace Pipeline: Duluth-based Yes Men video takedown of Line 3 by John Hartman

Hats off to these creative disruptors. Almost nothing is as joyous as watching the stunned, stupefied looks on the faces of the White folks as they see their comfortable little lives mocked. The message is the most important, but the methods use...

Comment on PDD Quiz: Notable Northland Critters by Mary Ann Louise

That photo of The Great Catsby shows him wearing a scarf I made out of an old piece of T-shirt! When I went to replace it with something else, it was gone, and replaced with a new scarf. He is usually dressed up with scarf, hat, etc.

Comment on Charlie Parr-king Lot by Buzzard

Find the man a pair of socks.

Comment on Selective Focus: Annmarie Geniusz by Pam Koehler-Herendeen Akerman

Fantastic work, you look like you enjoy making art so people can enjoy seeing it. Keep it up; it is appreciated.

Comment on Guts by Shy Nimitta

Anna Tennis you are such an amazingly good writer. Seriously, you could make anything interesting. I look forward to your posts.

Comment on June of ’71: Anderson Furniture completes remodeling project by Paul Lundgren

An ad a few days later, in the June 8 edition, gives a little more history.

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