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Trampled by Turtles – “A Lifetime to Find”

The new Trampled by Turtles album Alpenglow is scheduled for release Oct. 28. The album’s producer, Jeff Tweedy wrote the song “A Lifetime to Find,” which he recorded with his band Wilco for the album Cruel Country.

Flight of the Hummingbird Moth

Is it a hummingbird? Is it a moth? No, it’s a hummingbird moth. This short video clip, shot last week at the Rose Garden in Leif Erikson Park, shows the little weirdo feeding on the nectar of flowers in the same hovering fashion of a hummingbird. Meanwhile, lightening flashes across Lake Superior.

Sonofmel – “Grand Marais” (Live at Billings Park)

John “Sonofmel” Adler was joined around the firepit at Billings Park in Superior by a supporting cast of musicians for the song “Grand Marais,” during a Superior Porchfest event on Sept. 8. Ben “Jammin” Anderson of Ben15 Studios shot the video.

Emily Haavik – “Do You Think You Protect Me?”

Last year a small team of women in Duluth and Minneapolis, each from a different artistic discipline, received funding from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council to produce a multimedia piece drawing attention to the lack of safety for women and the need for accountability from men. The result is “Do You Think You Protect Me,” an original dance music video.

Exploring Upper Buckingham Creek

In a follow up to last month’s exploration of Buckingham Creek, Duluth Urbex tunnels into the upper section of the creek.

History of the Minnesota Vikings, Prologue: Duluth, 1926

The history of the Minnesota Vikings begins with the Duluth Eskimos. Director and producer Fernando Camargo kicks off his seven-part docuseries with this “unofficial 0th installment,” which details Duluth’s 1926 campaign “that saved pro football as we know it.”

Sydney Hansen – “Getting Somewhere Slow”

Duluth’s Sydney Hansen has a new single — “Getting Somewhere Slow” — with a video directed by Bo Allen of Bopro Video.

The Slice: Gateway to Madeline

The town of La Pointe created a Public Arts Committee that has spent the past few years working on a new sculpture for Madeline Island. Hear from artist Lisa Kosmo on how she was selected to design this piece and why it’s important to her.

In its series The Slice, WDSE-TV presents short “slices of life” that capture the events and experiences that bring people together and speak to what it means to live up north.

Exploring Santa Fe U.S. Mail Railway Post Car 57

Duluth Urbex takes a peek inside an abandoned railway post-office car in West Duluth.

Video: Black bear rolling around in sawdust

This black bear in Voyageurs National Park, about 100 miles north of Duluth, is pretty happy to roll around in sawdust and also have a little back scratch on a nearby tree. The footage is from a Voyageurs Wolf Project trail camera.

Charlie Parr on Writing Songs

Charlie Parr shares insights with Kyle Orla about how he wrote “1922 Blues,” “Remember Me if I Forget,” and his songwriting process in general.

Riding a Train to Duluth on YouTube

I love trains. So when this showed up in my YouTube feed, I was excited.

St. Louis River frogs devouring mayflies

Shot with a simple iPhone — little leopard frogs gobbling up mayflies on the edge of the St. Louis River in Duluth’s Riverside neighborhood.

Model Trains of the Duluth Depot

Recently inspired to look into trains in Duluth, I found this video. It’s a bit older than some of the videos I’m posting, but it’s still more or less contemporary.

I love the practice of model trains. My grandpa helped me set one up in my basement, and it was wonderful, but being in my basement made the tracks tarnish, hindering the current that made the train run. So I eventually just used the track board as a table.

Model Trains of an Imaginary Duluth

Model railroaders have incredible imaginations. This person has established an imaginary rail company carrying materials from the range to Duluth and from Duluth to Minneapolis.

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