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Life Parade – “Something”

Cameron Mathews of the Duluth band Life Parade performs a cover of the Beatles song “Something” from the 1969 album Abbey Road.

League of Women Voters 2021 Duluth Candidate Forum

The League of Women Voters held this candidate forum for At-large Duluth City Council candidates on July 28. Mary Faulkner is the moderator.

Lake Superior Aquaman: Tried helping this fish but it wanted to die

Tischer Creek: I saw this dying 7-inch fish under a foot of water or so, seemingly pinned to a rock by a stick. I moved the stick so it could swim away if it wanted, but it did not want to; I only interrupted the dignity of its final breaths. So I left it to die in peace.

Video Archive: KBJR-TV spots circa 1990

A few commercial clips from KBJR-TV circa three decades ago.

Lake Superior Aquaman: I just went to Wisconsin for a second

The other day was so warm I didn’t wear a wetsuit, just my Golden Age costume. Didn’t even wear my flippers because I felt natural. I was at the Duluth rock beach called The Ledges — you can see Richardson Island from there. Standing at a sheer drop, in one-foot-deep water, within a step you plunge in @7-8 feet deep. From there, a casual swim to 12-15? I vaguely fear the sight of large fish. Happens sometimes/nothing there this time but the boulders. Loons and mergansers hunt here though. When I came up after a minute my friend Stephen Bockbock said, “I was getting worried about you,” and I said, “I just went to Wisconsin for a second.” Someone said, “Rock.”

Bear and Three Cubs Messing with Trail Camera

A black bear and three cubs in Voyageurs National Park took a moment to knock over and batter around this trail camera.

Seagulls dive bombing my shit


Lake Superior Aquaman pink flamingo seagull dive bomb attack, Duluth, Minnesota.

Bob Dylan on Hibbing from 1966 Playboy interview

Dude reads highlights from the 1966 Playboy interview. Dylan on Hibbing: @6:40-8:53.

A Beaver Dam: Fall to Winter

Here it is, the sequel to “A Beaver Dam: Summer to Fall.” It features more footage from a trail camera on a beaver dam at Kabetogama Peninsula in Voyageurs National Park.

Low – “Disappearing”

Duluth band Low‘s new video is directed, produced and edited by Los Angeles-based artist Dorian Wood, who also stars in the video. Low’s new album, Hey What, is schedule for release on Sept. 10.

The Slice: Jonathan Thunder

Ojibwe artist Jonathan Thunder talks about his practice of mixing modern sensibilities with traditional imagery.

In its series The Slice, WDSE-TV presents short “slices of life” that capture the events and experiences that bring people together and speak to what it means to live up north.

Chicken Alley Backyard Hangout #1

Leon Rohrbaugh’s backyard adventures in Duluth’s Chester Park neighborhood are making their way to YouTube. In episode one, Leon’s son Miles returns from eight days leading 10 teenagers on a 64-mile hike on the Superior Hiking Trail, and it’s no surprise they want burgers.

LineCheck: Mary Bue

The Current‘s video series “LineCheck” presents virtual conversations with Minnesota’s music community. The sessions open and close with a song. In episode 2, occasional Duluthian Mary Bue performs.

Ditchbird – “Think She Was Right” (Lyric Video)

Cloquet native Tony Petersen, now based in Minneapolis, has a new music project called Ditchbird. The track “Think She Was Right” is on the forthcoming five-track EP, Some Dreams, out Aug. 13 on DoublePug Records.

Petersen is best known for his work with the band Social Animals. He released his first Ditchbird record, Real Enough for You Now, in April.

LineCheck: Charlie Parr

The Current‘s video series “LineCheck” presents virtual conversations with Minnesota’s music community. The sessions open and close with a song. In episode 1, Duluth’s Charlie Parr performs at Sacred Heart Music Center. Parr’s forthcoming album, Last of the Better Days Ahead, will be released July 30.

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