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Moose and Wolf Battle – Drone Video

Drone photographer Dan Nystedt caught an epic moose and wolf fight on camera while shooting scenery in Ontario yesterday.

Grey Timberwolf near Brighton Beach

Grey Timberwolf in Duluth - photo by Ken Greshowak

Ken Greshowak sent PDD this photo shot near Brighton Beach on Sept. 27.

Minnesota concludes wolf hunting and trapping season

I feel some relief at this news, at the same time that I know, it’s the relief you get when your reprieve, you know, is temporary. No matter what you think about wolves, trapping is a terrible, unethical, destructive way to hunt.  –David

Posted: No Wolf Hunting

Wolf Hunting Prohibited on Fond du Lac Reservation

Passing along this photo from Ivy Vainio (click the image to see it in context).

Fond du Lac Band passed this ordinance banning the wolf hunt a few days ago (ordinance pdf).

Dan Kraker provided some fairly decent balanced coverage that explains some of the legal and cultural implications of the wolf hunt in this MPR News story.