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Selective Focus: A Late Spring Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights on the shore of Lake Superior at Glensheen Mansion. (Photo by Mike Mayou)

A startlingly strong Northern Lights show was visible across the United States this weekend, viewable from even the Florida Keys. Instagram is brimming with spectacular shots from in and around Duluth thanks to this solar storm.

Selective Focus: Homegrown 2024 (The Weekend)

Select images via Instagram from the final three days of the Homegrown Music Festival.

Selective Focus: Homegrown 2024 (The First Five Days)

Select images via Instagram from the first five days of the Homegrown Music Festival.

Selective Focus: Aaron Reichow’s Duluth Music Scene Photos

Self portrait of Aaron Reichow, shot in a mirror at the Blush nightclub in 2022.

Aaron Reichow started taking photos of the Duluth music scene around 2014 when one of his favorite bands, Low, was doing a residency at Fitger’s Brewhouse. The band’s music got him through “a lot of periods of my life,” Reichow said. Low was set to play all of their songs in a random order across several Thursdays around the same time Reichow’s youngest child was starting to sleep through the night. “In my marriage, I did most of the child care, all the bedtimes,” he described. “And when they started to get older, I thought ‘well, I can go out again without feeling guilty.’” A practice in photography helped him reclaim the intention of going out again. And with time, his hobby turned into a professional art form. Read more about his work in the interview below.

Selective Focus: When the winter that wasn’t, suddenly was

Select images from Instagram showing scenes of what might normally be considered a very typical late-season snowstorm … if there had been a winter in winter.

Selective Focus: When Winter Was

Apostle Island Ice Caves, 2014, photo by Chris Plys

There is still time for the winter of 2023/24 to show its stuff. For now, all we have is the past.

Destination Duluth, a nonprofit that shares images and stories on social media in an effort to promote the city and region, recently declared “We want winter back!” A group of photographers have contributed photos from “when we had real winters,” posted with the hashtag whenwinterwas.

Selective Focus: Masha Conner’s Character Drawings & Pro-Choice Art

When Masha Conner isn’t working as a nurse at WE Health clinic, she can be found pouring her passion for abortion access, drag shows and cosplay into her character designs. A collection of her drawings and a recent interview can be read below:

Selective Focus: Maelo Cruz’s Comics and Paintings

Photo by Jess Morgan

A few years after moving to Minnesota, Maelo Cruz self-published a 64-page comic called “Part Timer,” about a character who “dreams of being a full time artist while working a regular job that sucks the life right out of them.” His artwork is primarily autobiographical and self-reflective, giving viewers a glimpse of his experience living and growing up in Puerto Rico and fatherhood. View and learn more about his comics, below.

Selective Focus: Kathryne Ford’s Paintings, Prints and Visual Art

Photo by Nia Sayler.

Duluthians who love the local music scene may have stumbled across Kathryne Ford dancing with her acrylics while live painting. Ford performs most Tuesdays at the Rathskeller with jazz group the Hot Club of Duluth. A collection of Ford’s work called “See the Bloom” is on display at Wussow’s Concert Cafe through the end of October. Below is a recent interview and some snapshots of her artwork.

Selective Focus: Brittany Plachecki

Applying their studies in art history, excitement for horror and queer theory, Brittany Plachecki creates colorful character designs. One of their most recent projects was co-founding Pride Walks Superior, a collaborative initiative to get LGBTQIA2S+ youth involved in an affirming, creative, and kid-friendly-setting. Pride Walks also helped introduce young artists to the process of doing gallery shows, documenting their work, and selling it. Brittany’s pieces are perfect for getting into the spirit of fall and spooky season. View photos of their art and a recent interview about their work below:

Selective Focus: Fall Colors 2023

Chlorophyll, schmlorophyll; turn up the carotenoids and anthocyanin. The annual biochemical process is underway. Progression of fall and peak leaf colors can be tracked with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Fall Color Finder.

Featured here is Perfect Duluth Day’s annual collection of select images from Instagram showcasing nature’s palette.

Selective Focus: More Summer PDDs

Select photos from Instagram spanning mid-July to mid-August 2023, all hashtagged with the name of a certain website. #perfectduluthday

Selective Focus: Full-on PDDs

Select photos from Instagram spanning mid-June to mid-July 2023, all hashtagged with the name of a certain website. #perfectduluthday

Selective Focus: Pre-summer PDDs

Select photos from Instagram spanning mid-May to mid-June 2023, all hashtagged with the name of a certain website. #perfectduluthday

Selective Focus: Photos on Film

Photography exhibit in the windows of 313 West Superior St.

There’s a temporary photo show hanging in the windows of the old Bagley Building downtown, 313 West Superior St. The photos are all shot on film – a variety of formats from an equal variety of cameras.