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Instagrammed: The People’s Free Skate Rink Freakout

Images from the largest freshwater skating rink in the world, featuring Friday night’s performance by the Spin Collective.

Selective Focus: Duluth

According to Instagram, here’s what’s been happening in Duluth, MN.

Instagrammed: Super Snow Moon on Lake Superior

Instagrammed: Duluth Polar Vortex 2019

Selective Focus: Snizzle Storm 2018

Instagrammed: Globe Grain Elevator Fire in Superior

Duluth News Tribune: “Historic grain elevator burns in Superior

Selective Focus: #duluthmusic

A quick visual journey through recent #duluthmusic

Selective Focus: #northernminnesota

A few views of the area via Instagram.

Instagrammed: Canal Park, Brighton Beach and Park Point closed

Due to standing water in the Canal Park business district, the city has temporarily closed South Lake Ave and Canal Park Drive below Buchanan Street.

Beyond Buchanan Street there is debris and open manholes beneath the water, so traveling on foot is highly discouraged. Waves are expected to increase into the evening, which could make water levels too deep for vehicles.

Slacklining at Palisade Head

The big topic on Perfect Duluth Day’s Facebook page over the past two days is whether the above photo showing a slackliner at Palisade Head is legit or a carefully edited hoax.

Selective Focus: #perfectduluthday

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It’s time for a midsummer check on what makes a #perfectduluthday.

Instagrammed: Trampled by Turtles at Bayfront Park 2018

Instagrammed: Summer Solstice 2018

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A few snapshots from the longest day of the year.

Instagrammed: Run, Smelt, Run! Parade 2018

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Instagrammed: Homegrown 2018 Roll Night