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Lovehouse – “She’s Gonna Catch You”

Duluth band Lovehouse released the EP Shades of Red last summer, along with this video for the song “She’s Gonna Catch You.”

Shippee – “World Today”

The fourth video release from Blake Shippee’s new solo album, It All Started from a Whisper, was produced by Laura Jean.

Steve Solkela – “Up on da Range”

Steve Solkela keeps the hits coming. Here’s a prime cut from his recent album release Sauna Knight, available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Two Tunes from Big Sky Woody

Free on Bandcamp.

Low fights for rights to master recordings

I’m surprised I didn’t know about this yet, but the Star Trib just posted a story about the difficulties Low and other mostly indie bands are having with re-releasing and/or getting the rights back for their older recordings. What a goofy system to deal with art! Art belongs to the artist(s)!

America’s Forests in Minnesota / Chuck Leavell in Duluth

Famed musician Chuck Leavell visited Duluth on March 29 to record a performance of the Bob Dylan song “Like a Rolling Stone” with the Duluth band Big Wave Dave and the Ripples at Sacred Heart Music Center. The collaboration was for the closing segment of the 10th episode of the television series America’s Forests with Chuck Leavell. Embedded above is the full episode, which recently aired on select PBS stations, but not Duluth.

Brief History of a Star – Intro

Music by Duluth’s Cory Coffman with visuals by Alyssa Johnson of Blind Spot Creatives.

2022: The Year in Duluth Gig Posters

The age-old technique of using images to promote music is as popular as ever. More and more of the artworks, however, exist solely as compressed digital images for use on the internet rather than taking up space in the physical world as actual “posters” taped to restroom walls and thumbtacked to bulletin boards. Either way, they’re all JPEGs on Perfect Duluth Day.

Five Duluth music acts to seek out on New Year’s Eve

Music fans react to a performance by New Salty Dog at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center in May during the Homegrown Music Festival. (Photo by Paul Lundgren)

Somehow, 2023 is just a few short days away. What better way to bid farewell to auld lang syne and ring in the new year than with some local music? Whether the goal is to turn in early or dance all night, the Duluth music scene has an array of options. Presented here are just a handful.

PDD Quiz: Holiday Tunes

Whip up a Tom & Jerry, spin a festive record, and settle in for this week’s quiz about local(ish) holiday tunes!

The final PDD quiz of the year will look back at headlines from 2022; it will be published on Dec. 25. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Dec. 21.

Traditional Christmas folk musical stylings of Goat Hill Quartet

On Saturday, I was at Wussow’s for coffee, and midway through the morning Goat Hill Quartet appeared. The group’s traditional Christmas folk musical stylings raised money for Loaves and Fishes.

Trampled by Turtles with Alan Sparhawk – “When I Go Deaf”

Alan Sparhawk joined Trampled by Turtles for a performance of the Low song “When I Go Deaf” two weeks ago at the Armory in Minneapolis. Gina Nagler Smith captured the performance in this video.

Colleen “Boss Mama” Myhre with New Salty Dog at Radio Waves

Colleen “Boss Mama” Myhre and New Salty Dog teamed up at the 15th annual Radio Waves Music Festival in Grand Marais back in September. The video was shot by Bear Witness Media for WTIP North Shore Community Radio, with an audio mix by Will Moore.

Lord, to be 35 Forever

I wish I could remember more about the first Hold Steady concert I saw. I know it was in 2005 at the Duluth Pizza Lucé. I know I went alone. I’ll never forget how Lucé felt during shows back then. But beyond that I’ve got almost nothing. No memory of specific songs they played or how big they sounded in that small room or what happened in my body and brain while it was going on.

I can’t even remember why I went. I wasn’t a Hold Steady fan. For most of 2004 I’d seen music magazine stories about how supposedly great they were, and that was my reason for ignoring them. I was early-30s going on 15 in some ways. One way was that I resisted music other people liked, as I’d done since junior high, because how would anyone know how special I was if I didn’t oppose things other people supported? (Ask me how I still feel about U2, REM, Faith No More, and INXS.) Maybe I went because curiosity wore down my resistance and misjudgment. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong and I’d been listening to them for a while.

A fan site says the show was on March 12 (a Saturday). I think I remember Lucé being full but not as packed as I’d seen it for the Black-eyed Snakes, Brother Ali, Dillinger Four, or Trampled by Turtles. Not chaotic like those shows. I think it was for sure the first time I’d heard any Hold Steady songs. Did I get bored? Sometimes that happens if I don’t know the songs, even when a band is good. Could I make out any lyrics? I had to like the actual music, which sounds like classic rock, punk, power pop, and other genres the Gen X music omnivores in the band would have inhaled while growing up.

“Bird Love Song” by Cory Coffman

Duluth’s Cory Coffman composed what he calls “this super cheesy love song from a musical that doesn’t exist.” Alexander Sandor is on piano, Adam Sippola sings and Alyssa Johnson of Blind Spot Creatives handles the video work.

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