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Mary Bue – “Tequila Song”

Mary Bue has a new music video for a track from her 2020 album The World is Your Lover. “Tequila Song” is produced by Jon Hain.

Low – “White Horses”

The new album by Duluth band Low is out today. Hey What is the band’s 13th full-length release in 27 years.

“White Horses” is the fourth video from the album. It is directed by Shane Donahue.

Moors & McCumber – “Survival”

The second video release from the new album by Moors & McCumber, featuring Superior’s James Moors, is for the track “Survival.” The video was produced and directed by Tim Bloomquist of Iowa-based Professional Video.

Survival set for release in October.

Duluth Album Releases in 2011

Local music nostalgia break. What albums came out one decade ago? Compiled here is an incomplete list of Duluth-related music releases from 2011. What’s missing? Make it known in the comments or email paul @ to get ’em added to the list.

Lanue – “July”

The fourth video release from Duluthian Sarah Krueger’s new musical project, Lanue, features dancing and choreography by Mason Binetti. Krueger shot and edited the video herself.

The debut Lanue album was released in February and is available on Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify.

Steve Solkela’s Accordion 5k World Record Attempt

Iron Ranger Steve Solkela ran 5 kilometers through the streets of Virginia while playing an accordion. His finishing time was 34 minutes and 34.91 seconds, which is presumably a record — there seems to be no previous attempts at this stunt.

Video by Nathan Wangensteen.

Marc Gartman’s Fever Dream – “Keile”

The new album from Marc Gartman’s Fever Dream is about the early life of his great grandmother, Kate “Keile” Gartman. She fled Russia for New York City in 1906 and as a teenager survived the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911, an industrial disaster resulting in the death of 146 garment workers. The video featuring the albums six tracks is comprised of footage from the Prelinger Archives and the Library of Congress.

MN Moder – “Elevator” (Visualizer)

Step into the “elevator” with Duluth-based hip-hop artist Zachary Moder, whose new single promises to take you to “another level of pleasure.”

The song is from the MN Moder album, Sweet Dreams, which was released in June.

The Slice: A World of Accordions Museum

Helmi Harrington, owner and curator of A World of Accordions Museum in Superior, talks about the museum’s collection and the concert hall at Harrington Arts Center.

In its series The Slice, WDSE-TV presents short “slices of life” that capture the events and experiences that bring people together and speak to what it means to live up north.

Bayfront Blues Festival Aerial Footage

Videographer Adam Jagunich captured these aerial images last weekend during the Bayfront Blues Festival.

Shaunna Heckman – “Cradle the Sound”

Duluth musician Shaunna Heckman has a new single, “Cradle the Sound.”

“This song mostly reflects building confidence to take leaps, trusting my intuition,” Heckman wrote on Facebook. “Overcoming the battle of the inner chatter vs the heart, as messy and terrifying as that can be. Keeping toxic people and negativity away and encompassing the beauty of what you might just find when you own your truth. Hold on to that within your own walls. It’s so precious.”

Moors & McCumber – “What Would Love Do Now”

The duo Moors & McCumber, featuring Superior’s James Moors, has a new album titled Survival set for release in October. The video for the single “What Would Love Do Now” was produced and directed by Tim Bloomquist of Iowa-based Professional Video.

Low – “More”

The third video release from the new album by Duluth band Low is directed Julie Casper Roth. Hey What is schedule for release on Sept. 10.

Torment – “Pig Pen” (Live at the Cabooze)

Duluth band Torment has a new song, “Pig Pen.” This video is from the band’s Aug. 8 performance at the Cabooze in Minneapolis. The next show is Aug. 21 at the Caddy Shack in Duluth.

Glenn Miller & the Modernaires – “Elmer’s Tune”

“Elmer’s Tune” was the first hit for Duluth songwriter Sammy Gallop. Glenn Miller & the Modernaires recorded this version 80 years ago today — Aug. 11, 1941.

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