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The Little Black Books – “Buffalo Pit”


mark-lindquist-2016Former Duluthian Mark Lindquist has been busy in his basement in Baxter. A five-track EP by his one-man band the Little Black Books titled The Don’ts has been showing up in the mailboxes of some of Lindquist’s Duluth friends. It bears the famous Shaky Ray Records label, founded in 1995 on Duluth’s East Hillside. “Buffalo Pit” is the second track on the new EP.



Rachael Kilgour – “Rabbit in the Road”


Rachael Kilgour 2015Rachael Kilgour performed in KUMD’s Studio A this week in support of her upcoming album, Rabbit in the Road and her Sept. 11 performance at Sacred Heart music Center.

Charlie Parr – “Moonshiner”


Charlie Parr on a blue chairAn intimate performance by Duluth’s Charlie Parr for the Blue Chair Chronicles.

R.I.P. Monty

Monty Lee Wilkes

Monty Lee Wilkes

We mourn the passing of Monty Lee Wilkes, local boy who made good.

Jeremy Schwarze – “Duluth”


Jeremy SchwarzeA new music video … clearly shot many months ago … that … just speaks for itself. Directed by Brad Lester.

Three of Kip’s Dumps


Above is Kip Praslowicz‘s latest memory-card dump video, a retrospective of his life in Duluth (largely spent at local music clubs) during the wet hot summer — July 1 to Aug. 9.

Kip’s dumps have been happening more frequently than we can keep up with at PDD. Below are his two previous dumps, spanning June 3 to July 1 and March 16 to June 3 (minus the Homegrown Music Festival, which was on a separate memory card.

Reflectivore – “7 77/March”


ReflectivoreDirector/DP: Kjell Kvanbeck
Written by: Allen Cragin, Ryan Rusch and Kjell Kvanbeck

“7 77/March” is the second collaboration between Reflectivore and True Norse Films. The first, “Red Looking Glass,” was released in December.

Kiss Meets the Phantom of Duluth


Kiss performed at Amsoil Arena in Duluth on Aug. 3, and … well, if you didn’t go, there are all sorts of videos shot by a guy named Tom. If you did go, and you didn’t care much for it, well, Paul Stanley thinks you are a miserable asshole.

Paul Stanley thinks Tony Bennett is a miserable asshole

Duluth Album Releases in 2006

Cheer Up Poems - Here Not Up ThereCheer Up Poems
Here Not Up There
Wire Heart

Sara Softich - Pipe DreamSara Softich
Pipe Dream
Available on CD Baby

Cneterville All Stars - Not Dead YetCenterville All Stars
Not Dead Yet

15 minutes of basement cacophony from Duluth’s Litterbox


Litterbox 2016 Bonfire CD ReleaseA “lightly edited, haphazardly shot little banger video” by Gags Gaglione from a July 29 basement show in Duluth featuring Pale in Comparison, Cat Fantasy, Trinity Test and Bonefire.

Bring the Sing Duluth – “Draw the Circle Wide”


Footage from MPR Classical’s “Bring the Sing” mass choral singing event held in April.

Lake Superior Magazine’s interview with Paul Shaffer

Lake Superior Magazine - Sept 2016Thunder Bay native Paul Shaffer is bringing his “Late Show” band to perform in the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on Oct. 7 to mark the concert hall’s 30th anniversary. Lake Superior Magazine’s Bob Berg scored an interview for the magazine’s Aug/Sept issue.

The audio embed is a slow loader, so it appears after the jump.

Charlie Parr – “Remember Me If I Forget”


This video is from a Skype session recorded during last summer’s Frendly Gathering festival in Vermont. In an interview at the end, Parr references the famous Proctor La-Z Boy DWI incident.

Upcoming gig: Parr plays on the pier at Glensheen Mansion on July 27.

On tap at Bayfront: a plethora of craft beer


Duluth’s beeriest festival, All Pints North, is coming up on Saturday. Organized by the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild, the tasting extravaganza at Bayfront Festival Park will include more than 120 breweries.

All Pints North began in 2012 and has mushroomed each successive year. In 2015, an estimated 3,500 people attended. The beer fest primarily highlights the guild’s roughly 100 members, but some national breweries participate as well.