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Almanac North: EmbalmingEva Profile

This WDSE-TV Almanac North online-only segment profiles EmbalmingEva ahead of its Valentine’s Day show with Superior Siren at Sacred Heart Music Center.

Almanac North is a weekly public affairs program on PBS North that provides in-depth conversations around issues and events that affect the region.

EmbalmingEva – “Purity”

Duluth synth act EmbalmingEva released the video for “Purity” in December. It’s directed by Henriette Blade. The duo opens for Superior Siren on Valentine’s Day at Sacred Heart Music Center.

EmbalmingEva – “RBMK”

Duluth synth act EmbalmingEva‘s debut video is directed and edited by Marcel Hones with creative direction and styling by Catherine Karakas.

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