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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Cast – “What a Pleasant Journey”

Thirty years ago today — Sept. 18, 1993 — the sci-fi comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000 mentioned Duluth in “The Train Song” a.k.a. “What a Pleasant Journey.” Specifically referenced in the lyrics is the 1992 benzine spill in Superior known as “Toxic Tuesday.”

Marty Marflow and the Melody Makers (featuring the Calhoun Sisters) – “Duluth St. Paul & Winona”

There are a few songs on Perfect Duluth Day’s list of songs with “Duluth” in the lyrics or title that are not available online. The one we highlight here is “Duluth St. Paul & Winona” by Marty Marflow and the Melody Makers (featuring the Calhoun Sisters), which was released 20 years ago.

The Slamming Doors – “Goddamn Duluth”

Last April the Current released the eighth edition of its Sounds Like Home virtual festival series, which featured artists from greater Minnesota. Duluth band the Slamming Doors performed a Duluth Song during its set, embedded above.

The Repairmen – “Duluth Song”

Duluth-based folk rockers the Repairmen released their contribution to ever-growing collection of “Duluth Songs” in 2019 on the album Garage.

Maya Hawke – “Sweet Tooth”

The latest reference to Duluth in song comes from Maya Hawke, daughter of actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. She released her second album, Moss, in September. The song “Sweet Tooth” mentions an empty theater in Duluth around the 30-second mark.

Japancakes – “Duluth 7.5”

Twenty years ago today — March 21, 2002 — the band Japancakes released its album Belmondo as volume 19 of Darla Records’ ambient Bliss Out series. The album features the track “Duluth 7.5.” Note, however, that the tune gets second-class status among music that references Duluth because the band is from Athens, Ga., and therefore is almost certainly referring to Duluth, Ga.

Lindula Brothers – “A Cold Day in Duluth”

From the Lindula Brothers‘ 2020 self-titled album, a little song about coming home.

David Dondero – “Oh Minnesota”

Duluth-born troubadour David Dondero performed at Wussow’s Concert Cafe on Tuesday. One of his new songs mentions the Zenith City and a variety of Minnesota locations. The song was penned in 2019 and hasn’t appeared on any official releases, but the demo track linked here was posted to Patreon.

Moe – “Bring You Down”

Twenty-five years ago today — Oct. 15, 1996 — the Buffalo, N.Y.-based jam band Moe released its debut commercial album No Doy, with a mention of Duluth on the track “Bring You Down.”

David Munyon – “Coffee in Duluth”

The song “Coffee in Duluth” is not available on the internet, but we nonetheless note its existence on Perfect Duluth Day … just because that’s what we do.

Dave Simonett – “Central Hillside Blues”

Dave Simonette has a new EP out titled Orion. The first single, “Central Hillside Blues,” of course references the neighborhood in the middle of Duluth.

The EP is available via multiple internet platforms.

Luke Zimmerman – “Duluth”

Roughly 15 years ago, Minneapolis singer/songwriter Luke Zimmerman released his solo debut album Twilight Waltz, featuring this track called “Duluth.” Various release dates from 2005 to 2007 are listed on the internet, but allmusic.com reports Jan. 24, 2006.

Haroula Rose – “Duluth”

Ten years ago today — Jan. 18, 2011 — Los Angeles-based musician Haroula Rose released her debut album These Open Roads, which includes a cover of the Mason Jennings song “Duluth.”

Bailey is Short Rap

This is basically an in-joke between friends but local and fun enough to post. A diss track inspired by my short friend Bailey. She dared me to do this, is how I remember it.

Music: “Young Thug Type Beat 2018 – ‘Sippin’ | Trap Instrumental 2018” by MADEBYFLOWERZ



Teague Alexy – “Christmas Bells, Holiday Drums (Jingle, Jangle)”

New Christmas music from Teague Alexy, featuring Brian Wells on bass.

Produced and written by Teague Alexy, mixed and mastered by Jake Larson, recorded at the Igloo in Duluth. Artwork by Heidi Feroe, art direction and graphic design by Joshua Priestley.