Maya Hawke – “Sweet Tooth”

The latest reference to Duluth in song comes from Maya Hawke, daughter of actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. She released her second album, Moss, in September. The song “Sweet Tooth” mentions an empty theater in Duluth around the 30-second mark.

Saw a movie everybody hated
in an empty theater in Duluth
Swear I really loved it
Love is such a better thing to do

As noted in a comment below, the reference is actually to Duluth, Georgia.

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Mike Creger

about 1 year ago

WNXP radio interview in Nov 2022:

JB: So you say, “I saw a movie that everybody hated in Duluth.” And of course, I’m thinking, what is that movie? MH: Oh, it’s Tenet. I mean, I’m so sorry to the people involved in the making of Tenet for telling them that everyone hated it. But, I really loved Tenet. It was the first movie that I went back to the theaters to see after the pandemic, and it was just me and my brother alone in Duluth, Georgia. In this big AMC multiplex in like the perfect seats, completely alone watching Tenet. And maybe we’d smoked a little weed or something and it was just the greatest movie we’d ever seen. We were freaking out. I loved that movie.

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