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Instagrammed: Summer Solstice 2018

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A few snapshots from the longest day of the year.

Selective Focus: #duluth

A few images of people recently Duluthing.

Where in Duluth? Anti-War Edition

Upset Duluth: The Ultimate Gallery


Young and old, rich and poor, Minnesota nice be damned, Duluthians can get just as upset as folks in the rest of the world. And their newspaper of record, the Duluth News Tribune, is there to document all the crossed arms and frowny faces.

Mystery Photo #67: Duluth?

A few years ago I came across this photo, saved it on my computer with just the title “Duluth,” and then forgot about it. I probably didn’t know much about it then, or maybe wasn’t even certain it was a photo of Duluth.

So … that’s all we’ve got to go on with this Mystery Photo. It looks 1800s-ish. Could be Superior Street. Can anyone verify this as a Duluth photo?

Postcard from Duluth’s Shipping Canal, 1978

The message on the back of this postcard was written 40 years ago today — May 22, 1978. The card is postmarked the next day.

Mystery Photo #66: U.S. Mail boat near Duluth, Minnesota

This undated postcard photo depicts a U.S. Mail boat at a nondescript location. The only clue that it might be on the St. Louis River or some other body of water in the vicinity of Duluth is a penciled note on the back of the card.

Instagrammed: Run, Smelt, Run! Parade 2018

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Selective Focus: David Barthel

This week, photographer David Barthel talks about building a career from his art, how his photography evolved from a hobby and curiosity as a kid, the turning point of a job loss, and some of his inspirations from our area.

DB: I’ve been photographing the natural world for over fifteen years, with a primary focus on the North Shore of Lake Superior and a secondary emphasis on the vast and rugged American West. I’m often asked how long I’ve been involved with photography, a question that would seemingly demand a concise answer. The reality is, my journey into photography didn’t result from any single moment of epiphany, but rather the gradual development of a long-held hobby.

Instagrammed: Homegrown 2018 Rawk Night

Instagrammed: Homegrown 2018 Soup Town Night

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Instagrammed: Homegrown 2018 Westside Wednesday

Instagrammed: Homegrown 2018 Ancillary Arts Night

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Selective Focus: Random Squares from Aunt Becky

The focus of this Selective Focus series has mostly been current artists and what they’ve been working on, but we also enjoy swerving into the realm of “found art.” This week is one of those times. PDD’s own Paul Lundgren fills us in on this collection.

PL: What we’ve got here is a sampling of old photographs that were temporarily stored at my house while my wife’s Aunt Becky was in the process of moving last year. I don’t know any of the people in the photos, I just pulled some out that I thought had an artistic quality. I asked Aunt Becky about them and she didn’t seem to know much of who was who or what was what in the pictures either. That’s something that naturally happens when you accumulate stuff as your elders die off. Pretty soon half of your photos are of someone’s grandmother’s ex-husband’s third cousin, etc.

Call for Homegrown photo banners

It’s time for our annual call for Homegrown banners for the top of the page. We’re looking for bands, friends, events, or general shenanigans. Keep in mind, the photos get cropped to extreme horizontal proportions. If you want to crop ’em yourself and send them, that’s fantastic, or you can send them uncropped and I’ll do my best to make them fit.

Click here for complete submission guidelines, but the basics are: 1135 pixels wide by 197 pixels high, e-mail them to [email protected]. We’ll get them in the rotation during the Homegrown Music Festival, starting this weekend.