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To submit an ad or make an inquiry, e-mail:

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$150 per week (CPM: $6)
$500 per month (CPM: $5)
$1,500 for 12-week package (CPM: $5)
$3,000 for 26-week package (CPM: $5)
$5,000 per year (CPM: $4)

CPM = cost per thousand impressions

PDD guarantees 10,000 impressions per week on its advertisements, but they typically generate more. The average cost is in the range of a half penny per impression, or about $5 per thousand impressions.

Size & Specifications

One size fits all: 250 x 250 pixels
Acceptable formats: JPEG or GIF files
No flashing or scrolling text, animation or video permitted. All ads are linkable to the URL requested by the advertiser.
Ads rotate position randomly.


Ads must be submitted three days prior to the first day of a scheduled run.


Perfect Duluth Day’s advertising space is limited, so plan ahead and schedule ad runs as early as possible.

Designers For Hire

Perfect Duluth Day’s art department designs ads at a cost of $50.

Terms and Conditions

Perfect Duluth Day reserves the right to reject any advertisement.

Advertisers assume all liability for statements contained in ads or infringement of any trademarks, trade names, patents or copyrights.

Political ads must conform to federal and state campaign disclosure laws.

Insurance, investment and real estate advertisers must be licensed in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Perfect Duluth Day is not liable for any loss arising from errors in ads or the failure to publish an ad.


Payment is required in advance for a single-week run.

Extended-run ads require advance payment for the first week. Additional weeks are billed at the end of each month, with payment due in 30 days.

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