Enger Park Posts

MN Moder – “Christ Air”

Duluth-based hip-hop artist Zachary Moder, aka MN Moder, hangs out with Jesus at Enger Tower in his new music video, produced by Montclair Media.

Video: Fall Colors at Enger Park

Videographer Adam Jagunich captures the fall colors around Enger Tower in Duluth via his Yuneec Typhoon H Plus hexacopter.

enTraance – “Quarantine”

“Quarantine” is the first music video for Twin Cities-based band enTraance, featuring the beautiful landscapes of Duluth and the north shore of Lake Superior.

Duluth You & Me: Enger Tower

Use the link below for a printable PDF for your drawing and coloring pleasure.
Duluth You & Me: Enger Tower

Follow the Duluth You & Me subject tag to see additional pages. For background on the book see the original post on the topic.

Postcard from Enger Memorial Tower in 1950

This postcard was mailed 70 years ago. The date on the postmark is not clear, but it looks like July 8, 1950. The signature of the sender is also not entirely clear, but it appears to be Helen Lold. The recipient is Henry Maursey of Midland, Mich.

When did they put the lid on Enger Tower?

A 1954 film recently posted on Perfect Duluth Day led Lars Waldner to wonder about the roof that’s been on top of Enger Tower for decades, but isn’t there in the movie.

“I didn’t realize Enger Tower used to have an open top on it,” he wrote on Facebook. “Anyone know when that changed?”

An 8K 360 Video Tour Through Enger Park

Trail construction around Enger Golf Course?

I live near the Enger Golf Course and this summer I noticed what appeared to be construction of a trail or small road on the edge of parts of the golf course.  Since I couldn’t find anything about this online I figured this was probably some kind of service road for the golf course but I thought I would make this post and see if anyone out there has any info about the purpose of the recent road/trail created on the parameter of the Enger Golf Course.

Leaning Tower of Enger

Breaking News

Thanks to Eric Plumb for tipping us off on this breaking news. Fox 21 is confirming the story right now by sending someone to shoot footage of Enger Tower standing perfectly upright.

Enger Tower inside and out

The PDD Drone takes an up-close and faraway look at a Duluth icon.

Enger Tower Rededication Photos

Pictures from the rededication of Enger Tower can be found at the Duluth Public Library’s Reference@Duluth blog.

Help build new walkway at Enger Tower

The city of Duluth is crafting a new accessible walkway to the gazebo from the parking lot at Enger Park. The pathway will be completed prior to construction of the new gazebo. The public is invited to help out any day M-F from 8:30 to 2:30 p.m. or at these other times:

Wed, Aug 17, 5-8 p.m.
Thurs, Aug 18, 9-2 p.m.
Sun, Aug 21, 2-5 p.m.

No experience is required, all ages welcome, equipment provided. Call 269-4712 for more info!

Duluth’s Enger Tower, refurbished

Enger Tower reopened yesterday after three months of concrete patching, roof repairing, repainting, fancy new light installing, etc.

It looks great.