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Snoop Loopz wisecrack lands Duluth on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live guest host Nicole Byer referenced Duluth during the opening monologue of the Aug. 17 episode. She introduced a clip from Fox 21 in which news anchor Dan Hanger and meteorologist Ken Slama shared their thoughts on Snoop Dogg’s new breakfast cereal, Snoop Loopz.

Byer referred to Hanger’s response to a quip made by Slama as “the cattiest moment in the history of broadcast television.”

Hanger also appeared in a clip used on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2018 when his banter with sports anchor Sam Ali turned awkward.

Sam Ali’s “artistic interpretation” of UMD hockey highlights

The UMD Bulldogs hockey season came to an end last night with a 3-2 loss in overtime to the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Before it was over, Sam Ali had to report on the game without using ESPN footage. He figured it out.

Opening Sam Ali

Duluth News Tribune: “Fox 21 banter-gone-bad lands on Jimmy Fallon

Leaning Tower of Enger

Breaking News

Thanks to Eric Plumb for tipping us off on this breaking news. Fox 21 is confirming the story right now by sending someone to shoot footage of Enger Tower standing perfectly upright.

Dan Hanger gets the last word

Did anyone else catch Dan Hanger’s feelings on some footwear at the very end of tonight’s (Thursday) Fox 21 newscast?

“I don’t like boots.” … awkward silence … roll end credits.

I only wish I had the video clip.

Fox 21 News at 6 … no that is not a typo

Fox 21 News is adding a 6 pm newscast starting June 28th. This move is surely related to the addition of Jason Vincent (most recently of Fargo) as the new news director replacing Julie Moravchik.

In the release on their site (click the image to see it) they are clearly gunning for their competition:

In addition to being the fastest growing Twin Ports station in terms of newscasts, we are also the Twin Ports fastest growing station for viewers. Since we first launched in March of 2007, we immediately beat our 9pm competition and continue to do so.

FOX 21 also beat the local CBS’s 10pm show and continues to do so. We are now neck-and neck with the local NBC, which has the advantage of having been on the air for the last 50 years.

After 36 months, we’re poised to outnumber them as well (and have already beaten them in two key demos: 18-34 year olds and 18-49 year olds).