Fox 21 News at 6 … no that is not a typo

Fox 21 News is adding a 6 pm newscast starting June 28th. This move is surely related to the addition of Jason Vincent (most recently of Fargo) as the new news director replacing Julie Moravchik.

In the release on their site (click the image to see it) they are clearly gunning for their competition:

In addition to being the fastest growing Twin Ports station in terms of newscasts, we are also the Twin Ports fastest growing station for viewers. Since we first launched in March of 2007, we immediately beat our 9pm competition and continue to do so.

FOX 21 also beat the local CBS’s 10pm show and continues to do so. We are now neck-and neck with the local NBC, which has the advantage of having been on the air for the last 50 years.

After 36 months, we’re poised to outnumber them as well (and have already beaten them in two key demos: 18-34 year olds and 18-49 year olds).

Meanwhile, I noticed tonight that following “CBS 3” KBJR has ditched the “We Give You more” tagline and resurrected what I think is an old tagline … “Keeping You in Touch” maybe although I wasn’t paying that close of attention so maybe I have that part wrong. They are also sporting a new look with graphics and a “crawler” although they may have had that before, too.

SO the questions: Do any of these changes mean better news coverage for our region? Does anyone watch the news at 6 pm? How is Jason Vincent doing? At the time of the controversial firing, Julie Moravchik said that she was being asked to do things that didn’t fit her journalistic integrity. I really haven’t been watching much, is Fox 21 doing anything sketchy, such as advertorials or making advertising-oriented editorial decisions?



about 10 years ago

The News Tribune has a story on the new newscast at

Note the last two paragraphs - the station is adding no new staff, and the news director says they'll be filling time with national news and health news.

jest me

about 10 years ago

Maybe the added 6 PM newscast is an effort to catch the older demographic that still watches a traditional early evening news broadcast--if they're already confident in their 18-49 demographic at 9 PM, perhaps they're just looking to improve on that.


about 10 years ago

It's Fox. The name and reputation precede themselves.


about 10 years ago

I'm so tired of the marketing jargon "fastest growing" when it's applied to something that just started. If I start a news program tomorrow, then suddenly THAT will be the fastest growing.


about 10 years ago

Jackie was a sales rep at the FOX station in Fargo, Jason was a sports anchor at a different station...neither have a news background. If it weren't for the integrity of the current news staff, they'd be screwed. Note the quick departure of Nicolette Helling and now Melissa Gange.

They've done away with many of the local segments that made the newscast Emmy award winners. (All prior to Jackie's tenure.)You can expect to see advertorials and other canned segments in the near future. And for anybody paying attention, watch the commercial rotations. Lots of self-promos which means ad revenue is declining too. Brilliant move to fire the #1 billing sales rep while "taking the station is a different direction". 

As for what happened to Julie...Ro Grignon, who is President of the company has a grudge towards Julie and the former GM because they pitched the news idea to the CEO & owner, Myron Kunin, therefore it wasn't "Ro's idea". 

I could go on for days about the shenanigans & unethical, unprofessional behavior. Like logging into & reading employee email accounts, denying Julie's unemployment after firing her, then crying at our desk because "no one likes me". Oh the drama!

Anybody actually read the news release and notice the gramatical & spelling errors?


about 10 years ago

Well, the press release was a load of wank. The only reason to watch local news is for local content, and I have to seriously wonder if adding another broadcast means if anything new is going to be covered? Standard coverage is basically police blotter, a feel good story, sports, weather. Yeah, there is a lot more than that going on in the twin ports/regionally but without more actual reporters producing different stories who the fuck cares if there is another time slot filled by people saying the same thing?

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