Dan Hanger gets the last word

Did anyone else catch Dan Hanger’s feelings on some footwear at the very end of tonight’s (Thursday) Fox 21 newscast?

“I don’t like boots.” … awkward silence … roll end credits.

I only wish I had the video clip.


Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Upon review of the video, it's not that awkward. They had just come out of a story about a dog that got some new boots and, following the rest of the news team's comments, Hangar said "I don't like boots." There was maybe a single second of awkward silence, then Hangar added "Maybe just, like, sandals." Diane Alexander laughed and that was that.


about 11 years ago

Hey-o! Dan Hanger here.  I really don't like boots at all!  Hate socks, too. Sandals are my favorite. Just thought I should clarify.  Haha. And p.s.: I've said a lot more awkward things than this. 

Perfect Day Duluth rocks!


about 11 years ago

Awkward silence ... er Perfect Duluth Day!

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