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Dizzo stepping down; Homegrown looking for new director

Homegrown Music Festival logoAfter the 2016 Homegrown Music Festival, Walt Dizzo will be retiring from the executive director role. The board of directors is looking for someone to take over!

If you think you might fit the bill, check out the description and application. Deadline is Feb. 15.

Where in Duluth?

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Duluth Trading Co Flannelytics

The Duluth Trading Company has just posted a new blog post regarding the Top Flannel Cities in the US. I am already a tad prejudice toward them since their connection to Duluth is in name only. Now, seeing they don’t even mention Duluth, Minnesota as a flannel locale, I am even more opposed to their co-opting our city name. One would think they would at least try to open a retail store here, instead of only in southern Wisconsin and the Twin Cities area.

Dan Hanger gets the last word

Did anyone else catch Dan Hanger’s feelings on some footwear at the very end of tonight’s (Thursday) Fox 21 newscast?

“I don’t like boots.” … awkward silence … roll end credits.

I only wish I had the video clip.

Pop Star Academy

This was spotted on First Street next door to Ace’s on Monday afternoon. Let’s hope they teach kids to sing and dance better than they spell. Which begs the question, do pop stars even need to know how to spell?

A Little Bit O’ Everything Garage Sale

128 E. Toledo St
Off Kenwood between College St and Arrowhead

Friday, July 22, 3-6pm, and Saturday, July 23, 8am-Noon

With a few small households moving in together we have things to pass on to new homes including an extensive number of books, including a wide assortment of political and current event nonfiction, assorted fiction, and many others. Some other goodies are:

-Kitchen utensils
-Corelle Dish Set
-Pots and Pans
-Coffee Pot
-Coffee mugs
-Women’s Clothing and Shoes

Downtown Duluth Meters Extended?

I was just downtown and parked at the meters in front of Pizza Luce and the Technology Village. I noticed that the hours that the meters were enforced was until 9pm.  It looked like there was a new sticker covering up the old one.  When did this change, and does anyone know if it is actually enforced?  I just noticed it, could have been there for a while before.

Afghanistan Memorial Candlelit Vigil

Afghanistan Memorial Vigil – Remembering those silenced

A candlelit vigil and march to mark the ninth year of the continuing war and conflict in Afghanistan sponsored by the Northland Anti-War Coalition and CSS Center For Justice Living.

Beginning in the Duluth Rose Garden near Leif Erikson Park, the night will start with words from local religious leaders. Following this we will march down the Lakewalk to place a memorial, in remembrance of the Afghan civilians and Coalition soldiers who have died, between the Korean War and Vietnam War Memorials.  Here we will be led in song by Sara Thomsen and have a moment of silence.

This is a time for everyone to join together to remember those that have died in the ongoing war outside of any partisan conflict or ideological struggle.

NOTE: Please bring photos, flowers, or other items to place at the memorial if you would like.

What: Afghanistan Memorial Vigil and Candlelit March
Where: Duluth Rose Garden; Along Lake Walk
When: Wednesday, Oct. 6, 6:30

Duluth Doctor Recommendation?

I’m looking for a general practitioner in the Duluth Clinic system. I am in need of a new one, and was hoping someone might have a good recommendation. I would prefer someone in the SMDC network since all of my records are there currently. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Gathering on Superior St?

Today at about 1pm I was headed down East Superior Street, and in front of the DAIP building there was a crowd with some telescope-ish looking items. Does anyone know what was going on or see it as well? I was quite confused, since they were all facing toward the Sheraton.

Twin Ports Young Activist Summit

UMD Students for Peace and CSS Center for Just Living Present:

2nd Annual Young Activist Summit
Saturday, April 24, 10am-4pm
UMD Garden Room

Keynote Address: Brian Hokanson of the RNC 8 Defense Committee
Workshops Presented by: Dr. Emily Gaarder, Donna Howard and Celia Kutz of Training for Change

For more information contact:
Margie Nelson
mnelson4 @
Facebook: Second Annual Young Activists Summit!

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