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Postcards: Steve Solkela

Steve Solkela is a comedian, and the only member of his one-man band, which includes accordion and cymbals among other instruments. Solkela finds joy in his music and his heritage, showcasing his talent and sense of humor to audiences all over the world.

This video is a segment from the southwestern Minnesota Pioneer PBS series Postcards. The May 2 episode focused on Finnish musician and artists. The Solkela segment is edited by Mike Scholtz.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-man Band – “If Heaven Don’t Have Saunas, I Don’t Wanna Go!”

Duluth’s Steve Solkela is back from touring Finland and has a new music video for one of the first songs he wrote back in his high school days.

Steve Solkela plays “Ievan Polkka” while unicycling

Local accordion sensation/goofball Steve Solkela is playing Minnesota gigs almost daily in December before his tour of Finland in January.

Accordion on a Unicycle with Steve Solkela

Steve Solkela performs Wild Cherry’s hit song “Play that Funky Music” on accordion while riding a unicycle … because he’s Steve Solkela.

Berserk Blondes! – “Hips Don’t Lie”

Live at Bent Paddle Brewing during the 2023 Homegrown Music Festival, Steve Solkela and Kaylee Matuszak perform their take on the 2006 hit song “Hips Don’t Lie,” written and originally performed by Shakira and Wyclef Jean.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-man Band – “She Broke My Heart in Three Places”

The latest video from Steve Solkela is a one-man performance of a song originally released by the Hoosier Hot Shots. The song was written in 1944 by Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston and Milton Drake.

Steve Solkela – “Up on da Range”

Steve Solkela keeps the hits coming. Here’s a prime cut from his recent album release Sauna Knight, available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

How to Slice Watermelon

Apparently there is a watermelon surplus on Minnesota’s Iron Range. In this video, Steve Solkela and friends have some fun with the sweet fruit of summer.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-man Band – “The Ely Song”

From 94.5 FM WELY radio in Ely.

Iron Opera

The annual Northern Lights Music Festival on Minnesota’s Iron Range is a three-week event that includes an opera production. Documentary directors Mike Scholtz and Marius Anderson captured the process and stories leading up to the 2021 festival for the WDSE-TV feature embedded above. Iron Opera is the story of concert pianist Veda Zuponcic and a cast of talent plucked around the world and around da Range.

Accordion Steve rocks!

Went to the Julebyen Christmas Village in Knife River via a great train ride last Saturday and was enthralled with all things Scandinavian; the high spot was a talented funny Finn from Da Rengch named Steve Solkela —— from singing opera to “Play That Funky Music” he has it all covered. And did I say funny? Writes his own songs about Palo and saunas and, let’s face it, all the good things in life. Go see this guy and you’ll be smiling and clapping within two minutes!

Steve’s Overpopulated One-man Band – “Ranger Things”

Straight from the Iron Range comes this Halloween medley by Steve Solkela. The music was recorded at Kaleva Hall in Virginia. The medley includes: “Ranger Things Parody,” “Ghost of John,” “Play that Scary Music Bite Boy,” “Pass the Witch’s Broomstick” and “Zombie Taylor Swift.”

Steve Solkela’s Accordion 5k World Record Attempt

Iron Ranger Steve Solkela ran 5 kilometers through the streets of Virginia while playing an accordion. His finishing time was 34 minutes and 34.91 seconds, which is presumably a record — there seems to be no previous attempts at this stunt.

Video by Nathan Wangensteen.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-Man Band – “Oatmeal Raisin”

Just in time for prom season, Steve Solkela and his Iron Range friends have a new music video for those left feeling alone on the shelf, like an oatmeal raisin cookie. Hey, sometimes the healthiest option gets picked last.

“The Nursing Home Polka”

Steve Solkela and his Iron Range friends have produced another novelty song and music video. This one features a certain studmuffin who can get any gal he wants … at the nursing home.

The cast features Nathan Benson as the Studmuffin, Ruthy Morgan and Ruthy Wrinkleskins, Jordan Masieniec as Gladys Gray, Nathan Peterson as the bingo caller and vomiting grandson, Colton Flack as Edith Ainchant, Loralie Arbola as Ethel Manniyrs, Fika as Gertrude O’galanen, Brekaroni Pallas as Sylvia Dentures, Ian Carlson as Ralph Eonago, and Solkela as Gladys Vanderboobin.