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Steve Solkela’s Accordion 5k World Record Attempt

Iron Ranger Steve Solkela ran 5 kilometers through the streets of Virginia while playing an accordion. His finishing time was 34 minutes and 34.91 seconds, which is presumably a record — there seems to be no previous attempts at this stunt.

Video by Nathan Wangensteen.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-Man Band – “Oatmeal Raisin”

Just in time for prom season, Steve Solkela and his Iron Range friends have a new music video for those left feeling alone on the shelf, like an oatmeal raisin cookie. Hey, sometimes the healthiest option gets picked last.

“The Nursing Home Polka”

Steve Solkela and his Iron Range friends have produced another novelty song and music video. This one features a certain studmuffin who can get any gal he wants … at the nursing home.

The cast features Nathan Benson as the Studmuffin, Ruthy Morgan and Ruthy Wrinkleskins, Jordan Masieniec as Gladys Gray, Nathan Peterson as the bingo caller and vomiting grandson, Colton Flack as Edith Ainchant, Loralie Arbola as Ethel Manniyrs, Fika as Gertrude O’galanen, Brekaroni Pallas as Sylvia Dentures, Ian Carlson as Ralph Eonago, and Solkela as Gladys Vanderboobin.

Making it Up North: Steve Solkela

Meet Steve Solkela. With his music career crushed by COVID-19 cancellations, he built up a robust YouTube following with his music videos, tandem-bike interviews and random stunts.

WDSE-TV‘s Making it Up North explores stories of creative artists, artisans and entrepreneurs engaged in honing their skills, following their passion and realizing their dreams.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-man Band – “The COVID Pokie”

From the Iron Range city of Palo, Steve Solkela sings about … you know … what it’s all about.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-Man Band – “Productivity”

Iron Ranger Steve Solkela lives for ripping up a to-do list. His overpopulated one-man band expands to two on this track, with Matti Jarva on percussion.

Steve Solkela jumps a bike while holding an accordion

Iron Range musician/stuntman Steve Solkela straps on the squeezebox and leaps over a moving bicycle … because … fun.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-Man Band – “The Allergies Polka”

Iron Rangers Steve Solkela and Milliscent the Mannequin present this important message about allergies. The song is from Solkela’s 2019 album Flying Finns.

How to Juggle Longboards

From the Iron Range city of Palo comes Steve Solkela with this important lesson in riding two longboards at once.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-Man Band – “Iron Ore”

Steve Solkela shares the musical story of his great-great grandfather’s journey from Finland to Minnesota in search of a better life. “It was backbreaking work down in those Minnesotan mines,” Sorkela writes on the YouTube description. “Many were injured, and many died; but of course, many were successful in feeding their families countless times and watching them grow to live beautiful lives.”

The video was shot over the summer at various locations across northern Minnesota, and edited using a free iPhone app.

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