Bobcats Posts

Bonnie the wild bobcat trapped at the DECC

Bobcat at the DECC

From Duluth Police Chief Gordon Ramsay’s Facebook page:

When I heard about a man in a mental health crisis looking for a bobcat in downtown skywalks and in the convention center I knew it wasn’t true. Then I saw these pictures. You can’t make this stuff up … nobody knows how this wild animal made it into the convention center. It was trapped by the DNR and Wildwoods inside the convention center.

Bobcat in the Snare

From my friends at Wildwoods, with a warning that some images are graphic:

Bobcats and Trapping and a Happy Ending

Five weeks ago, a couple in northern Minnesota noticed that a bobcat on their property seemed to have part of a snare around his neck. They wanted to help, but weren’t sure what to do.

Wildcats in Duluth’s Lester Park?

Last weekend, while enjoying a quiet rest on Lester River about one mile up from the main park, I heard what sounded like a cat hissing, but at 20 times the volume of what you’d hear from a house cat. There were five or six of these “roars” followed by a rustling in the under brush at which point I got the hell out of there. I have heard of bobcat sightings in the area but wonder if it might have been something larger, say a mountain lion? Has anyone else had a similar experience or even a sighting?

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