Bobcats and Trapping and a Happy Ending

Five weeks ago, a couple in northern Minnesota noticed that a bobcat on their property seemed to have part of a snare around his neck. They wanted to help, but weren’t sure what to do.

They were afraid if they called the authorities, they’d be told “let nature take its course.” Or, that someone might come out and shoot him. So they put out a deer carcass for him, watched him come and eat every day, and gathered advice from family and friends.

One day, they called in to Dr. Michael Fox’s show on KAXE to ask what they should do. Sandy, a Wildwoods friend, happened to be listening to KAXE. She called KAXE to give them Wildwoods’ contact info, and KAXE did. After mulling things over a bit more, the couple called Wildwoods this Monday.

When we got the call, Heather Griffiths, a dedicated Wildwoods volunteer, dropped everything to drive over and set up our largest live trap, baiting it with venison and tuna. We all held our breath and waited. Would Bob take the bait?

Wednesday morning, the phone rang with wonderful news — “The bobcat’s in the trap!” Again, Heather dropped everything and rushed over. She and Jason, another volunteer, loaded the bobcat into her car. Then she drove down to Doughterty Vet Clinic in Duluth, where Dr. Jeanetta and more Wildwoods volunteers were waiting.

Dr. Jeanetta put her work schedule on hold to help. After she sedated Bob, she carefully cut away the snare, which was embedded into the tissues of his neck. She cleansed the wound, then gave him some antibiotics to protect against infection.

We then sent pics of the cat’s neck to Dr. Eskedahl, a vet in Garrison, MN at Wild and Free, who is an expert on bobcats. She recommended holding onto him for a day and then releasing him if he was up and around, and his wound looks no worse.

Thanks to all who made this rescue possible — the couple who called about the bobcat and kept him alive by feeding him, KAXE radio staff, Wildwoods friend Sandy, Heather Griffiths, Jason Mandich, Ian Aldrich, Dr. Louise Beyea, Dr. Lisa Jeanetta, and Dr. Deb Eskedahl. And thanks to the many people who have donated food to assist the bobcat during his recovery!

Stories like this are important for communicating to the world why Duluth is an amazing place to live — because our values are reflected in the way we respond to stories like these, and these stories circulate:

Bob the Cat on Northland Newscenter; on KDAL; on WCCO; on Rick Kupchella.

Love this story? Please consider making a donation to help Wildwoods with the costs of saving Bob, and countless other wildlife. Help us give more happy endings to animals in need. Thanks!



about 8 years ago

Yay Bob! These stories always make me so happy!


about 8 years ago

I love this story! Thanks to all who helped! YAY BOB!!!

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