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Proving I am who I say I am

While I often avoid politics in my public writings, I want to take a few minutes to explain the life of someone different from most people, in a small way, that may reveal the complexities of some recent legislation proposed at the federal level.

The Will and the Way

Judy Gibbs introduced me to The Will and the Way series of books about the creation of a number of Duluth institutions.

Duluth authors Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence return to UMD to share insights with students

University of Minnesota Duluth alumni Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence spoke to students in the Writing Studies major in April. Hafdahl and Florence offered tips, tricks and profound insights into the publishing process.

Welcome to the Thirteenth Floor

Local and worldwide authors attended the celebration of the Nemadji Review. The 13th issue is titled “The 13th Floor.”

Tina Higgins Wussow, one of many local luminaries, read during the event.

Figure Painting at DPL

Saturday, the owner of Rogue Robot Games & Comics led a free class in figure painting at the Duluth Public Library.

Train Day at the Depot

Saturday was National Train Day. The Depot was hopping, and I loved it. Picture of a very cool train set below.

The Peoples Temple: A Unique Duluth Resource

My friend and colleague Elizabeth Nelson has donated some remarkable materials to the archives at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

The Elizabeth Nelson Peoples Temple Collection contains items relevant to the alternative religious organization founded by Jim Jones, best known for a mass suicide/murder in 1978 at its “Jonestown” settlement in Guyana.

Arrowhead Regional Arts Council announces grant recipients

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council has announced its most recent grant recipients.

Duluth playwright to celebrate world premiere of ‘Two of Us’

Congratulations to my colleague, Mark Stanfield, on the forthcoming world premiere of his play, Two of Us. It will be performed Sept. 13-21 at the Watford Palace Theatre in England, with a transfer to Home Manchester, and then a national tour in 2025. The play dramatizes a last conversation between Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

More information about the play can be found at the Watford Palace Theatre site.

Adas Israel: A Talk and a Book

During the Twin Ports Festival of History, my friend Phil Sher gave a speech about the history of the Lithuanian Jewish community in Duluth. Phil is the author of a recent book, Adas Israel, available on Amazon, that was a product of a unique partnership between the University of Minnesota Duluth and the community.

Radio (A Reflection and an Event)

Before I start to talk about Luke Moravec and Bill Siemering, who visited the University of Minnesota Duluth on Zoom Wednesday afternoon, I want to talk a little bit about why I love radio so much.

“Stalked by My Stepsister” shot in Duluth

Local author Phil Sher sent me a note asking me to share that the Lifetime cable channel original movie Stalked by My Stepsister was shot in Duluth. It was released in October.

I think I can see the Lakewalk and Leif Erikson Park. I think I can see the interior of Glensheen. IMDB confirms the Duluth shooting sites.

Has anyone watched it, or know anyone involved in the shooting?

Do I own this star now?

I picked this up in a thrift store. The frame is worth as much as I paid for it — the certificate is a bonus.

Saturday in Canal Park

Some kids appeared to be having fun in Canal Park Saturday.

The Nerd Habit of Collecting Signatures

As I mentioned in a previous post, at MarsCon in Bloomington last weekend the son of a nerd who had died was selling his father’s collection of media, books, games and ephemera.

I picked up the Doctor Who cookbook from the previous century, some trading cards, all for pennies on the dollar. Perhaps the best find, or at least the one I can’t ever imagine finding again, was the single by the actor who played the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, “Who is the Doctor?”