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Cole Pulice and Nat Harvie – “Parrish Blue”

Duluthian Nat Harvie‘s new collab album with Cole Pulice, Strawberry Roan, releases June 21 via the Texas-based Aural Canyon record label.

Nat Harvie Live at Chicago Music Exchange

Duluth’s Nat Harvie sat down with Karl Neurauter of Chicago Music Exchange to talk sonic-vibes and writing processes and played four tracks from the new EP Married in Song.

I love you Homegrown but I can’t do this anymore!

I played my first Homegrown when I was seventeen. My high school band opened for Coyote at Teatro Zuccone. It was the first sold out show of my music career. I got to share a green room with THE Jerree Small. I got an artist pass on a cool lanyard that let me into any all-ages show (and a few 21+ shows too). I felt like I was on the edge of something. I felt grown up and I felt seen. At the time, it seemed like that feeling was coming from my artist pass, free T-shirt, and (maybe) $50 cheque. Looking back, I understand that what I actually experienced was membership and pride in a community of practice for the first time in my young life. Homegrown gave me an invaluable jumping off point as an artist in this city. It made me proud to be from Duluth and proud of my peers and mentors for choosing to make music here. It opened Duluth to me and deepened my relationship to community and to music. That experience kept me coming back through the years and and through my development as an artist. I’m grateful for it and I always will be, but like many artists in this town my relationship to the festival has become a bit complicated.

LineCheck: Nat Harvie

Duluth native Nat Harvie recently performed for the Current’s video series LineCheck. Above is “Waiting Song” and below is “No Ash.” Both tracks are from Harvie’s new EP, Married in Song.

Nat Harvie and Adelyn Strei Ice-sheet Jam Sesh

Alan Sparhawk and Nat Harvie in Talkhouse

Musicians Alan Sparhawk and Nat Harvie talk about how Duluth informs both their music and their outlook on the website Talkhouse, a media outlet where artists share firsthand perspectives and offer insight into their creative work.

Nat Harvie – “Dog”

Duluth native Nat Harvie has a new EP, Married in Song, set for release Jan. 28.

Two new Nat Harvie songs: “Longbody” and “Every Woman”

Lyric video for “Every Woman” below.

Nat Harvie Trio – “Nat Harvie’s Birthday”

Directed by Caitlin Nielson. Crowdfunding campaign info at

Duluth Band Profile: Vivielle

Duluth’s Vivielle blends two-part vocal harmony with the lo-fi approach of Sebadoh. The four-piece is made up of brothers Lino and Joe Rauzi, Rosalie Uggla and primary songwriter Nat Harvie. The band just released the single “Time Falls Apart.”

Click the image above to hear an exclusive interview with Vivielle’s Nate Harvie as he describes performing in Duluth.

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