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Smarter than Yeast – “On the Night Train”

According to David Syring, “The night train — a metaphor for where we are during the global crisis of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. This video offers a visual and musical metaphor for the sense that we are all immersed in this together as a global society, and we don’t know where the train is going.”

The Slice: Dinner Music at 2104

Duluth’s Richard Narum has been hosting livestream concerts from his living room — a venue named after his house number, 2104. Shows happened weekly in May and June, but future plans are for shows on the third Thursday of July and August.

The concerts can be viewed at

In its series The Slice, WDSE-TV presents short “slices of life” that capture the events and experiences that bring people together and speak to what it means to live up north.

Rephotographing Duluth 2010/2020

In this video, photographer Kip Praslowicz revisits Duluth locations he shot photos of in 2010 in order to shoot 2020 versions.

One of the photos near the end of the video caught our eye at Perfect Duluth Day because Paul Lundgren shot a similar photo in 2010 from a different angle, showing a perspective that might have easily been forgotten.

Chester Creek Waterfalls

This video by Douglas Feltman showcases waterfalls on Duluth’s Chester Creek.

PDD Video Lab: Cruising the Duluth Harbor on the Flame

In this edition of the PDD Video Lab we take a cruise with Lorraine and the kids on the Flame excursion boat in 1964. At the midway point of the video, the scene switches to the Edgewater Motel.

Bear with cheeseballs container stuck on head rescued

KARE-TV out of Minneapolis reports a family fishing on Marshmiller Lake near Bloomer, Wis. — about 100 miles south of Duluth — pulled “a cheesy ball container” off the head of a black bear swimming on the lake. The rescue was captured on video.

Steve Solkela jumps a bike while holding an accordion

Iron Range musician/stuntman Steve Solkela straps on the squeezebox and leaps over a moving bicycle … because … fun.

Interview with Artist/Activist Votan

Artist and activist Votan visited Duluth’s American Indian Community Housing Organization with his family to show support and bring supplies during COVID-19. Video produced by Jeremy “JayGee” Gardner.

Ingeborg von Agassiz – “Elixir of Love”

A new track by Duluth’s Ingeborg von Agassiz.

This Town

This new documentary from WDSE-TV presents four small towns with big stories — Grand Portage, Ball Club, Kettle River and Sandstone. The one-hour feature is narrated by storyteller Kevin Kling, with music by Grammy winner Jon Vezner. This Town looks at the stories behind these towns and the people who are carrying those stories into the future.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-Man Band – “The Allergies Polka”

Iron Rangers Steve Solkela and Milliscent the Mannequin present this important message about allergies. The song is from Solkela’s 2019 album Flying Finns.

Duluth: Wherever I’ve Been and Gone

Modern footage of a trip to Duluth, shot through an old Super 8 camera by Carsten Johnson, featuring Nick Drake’s “Blues Run the Game” as a soundtrack.

Sky Harbor Airport open after runway relocation

Sky Harbor Airport in Duluth reopened on June 12 following a third phase of construction. The runway was relocated from its previous position in order to protect an old-growth forest of red and white pine trees, which were growing into the approach and departure surfaces.

Video by Short Elliott Hendrickson.

Carolyn Olson on the PBS News Hour

Duluth artist Carolyn Olson (previously on PDD) was featured in a segment on the PBS News Hour covering artists responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Creative Moment” segment includes Olson discussing her series of pastel drawings of essential workers. The segment starts at the 47:20 mark of the video. Olson appears at the 51:05 mark.

Duluth Lynchings Legacy

The Minnesota Historical Society is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1920 Duluth lynchings with a week of remembrance and conversations about its legacy. A collection of resources is available at Below are short video commentaries offering modern perspectives on the past and thoughts about the present and future.