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New Banjrone (Banjo/Drone) – Dirty Knobs “La Tortue Diabolique”

From the banjo capital of the world (Duluth, Minnesota, USA) comes the newest banjo sensation Banjrone (banjo drone). The sound of a herd of turtles racing across the world, risking their lives, “trampling” all in their path.

New Duluth Drone from Dirty Knobs

Duluth’s own drone/dark-ambient unit Dirty Knobs (me) is hoping to release his (talking about myself in the third person) next album A Disenchanted Snake as a double vinyl package sent around the world (Hello, Italy!). You can watch the video, hear some clips and read a lot more about it (and past Dirty Knobs stuff) here on Kickstarter.

New 8-hour dark-ambient album from Duluth’s Dirty Knobs

Field Recordings from the Edge of Hell

Apologies. Bit of a humblebrag here. But my new 8 hour dark ambient/electro/doom album, recorded under the name Dirty Knobs and titled Field Recordings from the Edge of Hell, has been getting a fair bit of press lately.

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