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Video Archive: SatAn’s Residence for Sinner Citizens

Ten years ago today, the Colder by the Lake theater group opened “Older by the Lake, or the Colonoscopy Monologues” at the Zeitgeist Teatro. The show was a comedy about aging. The clip above, produced for the show, is a parody of television ads for St. Ann’s, an assisted-living facility in Duluth.

Video Archive: Attempting to save UMD’s Old Main

During WDIO-TV’s annual March of Dimes Telethon circa 1990, Dennis Anderson introduced a Colder by the Lake Comedy Theatre slide presentation by Bruce Ojard featuring old Duluth buildings as a plea to convince the city to preserve the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Old Main building instead of tearing it down.

The building was destroyed by fire on Feb. 23, 1993.

Colder gets older

Colder by the Lake‘s “Older by the Lake,” a comedy about aging, opens this Thursday night at Teatro Zuccone.

In the pic: Cathy Podeszwa, John Schmidt, Christa Schulz, Jack Setterlund and Gary Kruchowski. They guarantee the show will be “more fun than a barrel of reading glasses.”

This post is being published early on Sunday morning for a reason. The first person to write a comment on this wins two tickets to the opening night show (Thursday, March 11, 7:30 p.m.). It’s a reward for being up early on a Sunday and reading about oldness.

Oh, and don’t worry, the playbill is in large print.

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