Canosia Grove Farm & Cidery

Yet another opportunity to drink local. This one, however, is homegrown from “branch to bottle.”

Canosia Grove Farm & Cidery, north of Duluth.

Postcard from the Aerial Bridge in 1908

Greetings friends of Duluth!

I thought I would share a postcard with you from my Gramma Myrtle’s collection. My Gramma built an extensive collection and I have been taking some time to organize it during our frigid February.

Making Movies in the Northland

Produced one year ago by Andrew Kirov and Adam Jagunich, this Fox 21 News feature delves into northeastern Minnesota’s filmmaking industry. Interviewed in the story are Steven Sanders of Ironbound Studios in Chisholm, writer-director Alexander P. Gutterman of Duluth, and Catalyst Story Institute & Content Festival Executive Director Philip Gilpin, Jr.

Winter Sports in Duluth, 1929

This brochure from 1929 highlights “Winter Sports in Duluth,” including the old toboggan chute at Chester Park, as seen on the cover.

Ice Angler Rescue

Ice anglers rescued after ice sheet breaks away from shore.

KBJR. WCCO-TV. Star Trib. Duluth News-Tribune.

I was skating that ice 48 hours ago, so I’m going to crawl under my bed now.

Rich Mattson and the Northstars Virtual Album Release

Rich Mattson and the Northstars put out a new album last week. Skylights can be ordered at In lieu of the usual release concert, the band has produced an online “variety show” featuring three music videos from the album and a pair of live performances.

“The Nursing Home Polka”

Steve Solkela and his Iron Range friends have produced another novelty song and music video. This one features a certain studmuffin who can get any gal he wants … at the nursing home.

The cast features Nathan Benson as the Studmuffin, Ruthy Morgan and Ruthy Wrinkleskins, Jordan Masieniec as Gladys Gray, Nathan Peterson as the bingo caller and vomiting grandson, Colton Flack as Edith Ainchant, Loralie Arbola as Ethel Manniyrs, Fika as Gertrude O’galanen, Brekaroni Pallas as Sylvia Dentures, Ian Carlson as Ralph Eonago, and Solkela as Gladys Vanderboobin.

Cory Coffman – “Weeping Willow”

Duluth’s Cory Coffman has released the second music video promoting his 2020 album Canvas and Color. “Weeping Willow” was directed and produced by Steven Yasgar and features Angela Schmitz on lip synch.

Bandwagon: The Greatest Band in High School Hockey

From the makers of the infamous “hockey hair” videos comes this profile of the Grand Rapids High School Pep Band. What came first, the wagon on the ice or the band behind it?

Skated the big lake today

Skated the big lake today in -30 windchill or so. Had it all to myself because I’m a baller, shot caller, 20-inch blades on the Impala

City Pages: “Hey, We’re in Duluth!”

Twenty years ago today — Feb. 6, 2001 — City Pages published a cover story on Duluth’s “tiny counterculture.” The Twin Cities alternative weekly paper ceased operations last fall and its online archive is on hiatus, but Perfect Duluth Day is here with the flashback goods.

Adventures of the Little Pats: 20 Below

Save the Street Grid

Did anyone read the opinion column “Street grids a better option than subdivisions” in the Duluth News Tribune on Monday? The conflict between user groups and the city over the missing segment of the Cross City Trail from Irving Park to Munger Trail was avoidable. Had the city not abandoned the historic plats and in turn vacated rights of way (paper streets and utility easements), there would be a clear and defined route for the trail.

Avant-Garde Women: The Hundred-Jointed Dancer and the Laban Ladies

Art history is weighted toward objects like paintings and sculptures, and so the performing arts have gotten less attention. Dadaism, which began in Zurich in 1916, was an art movement that generated objects — but it was also a highly performance-based phenomenon. The origin and center of Dada activity was in fact a rollicking cabaret. What happened on stage was every bit as important as the paintings on display; this also held true in the later Galerie Dada, which centered around performance-based “soirees.”

A great number of Dada stage performers were women, but art history emphasized the artworks of the Dada men instead. This is slowly being corrected. The female dancers on Dada stages have been characterized as being “associated with” Dada; they have also been called “fringe” members. But the more I look into it, the more they seem like central players. These women were from the nearby dance school of Rudolph von Laban (pronounced like “Le Bon”); Dadaist Hugo Ball called them the “Laban Ladies.” Their star dancer was founding Dadaist Sophie Taeuber, who Ball called the “hundred-jointed dancer.” She was the only person with full membership in both groups, and it was through her that Laban Ladies filled Dada’s stages. Looking at connections between the Dadaists and these avant-garde women reveals: the Laban Ladies were Dada’s secret weapon.

Warrior Brewing Company: Coming to Duluth This Spring

Matt Caple and Ben Gipson in front of the stainless brew kettle

Matt Caple and Ben Gipson – Photo by Lissa Maki

A new veteran-owned brewery is moving into the former Lake Superior Brewing Company space at 2711 W. Superior St. Owners Matt Caple and Ben Gipson plan to have Warrior Brewing Company up and running by April to be sure their product makes it to liquor stores before summer.

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