Giant Colossal Bob Dylan Statue Finalists

Location: The horizon, in the shipping lanes. Material: Reinforced treated concrete with steel superstructure. Height (above the waterline): 300 feet. Ships will have to navigate around this stunning monument.

The Committee for Building Giant Colossal Statues of Bob Dylan (formerly the Committee for Building a Giant Colossal Statue of Bob Dylan) is pleased to announce its 12 finalists! Thanks to a generous anonymous donation, ALL of the statues in this post will be built in the next five years. Thank you to our state regulators who approved this project, and congratulations, Duluth!

Location: Artificial island off of Leif Erikson Park. Material: Bronze. Height: 50 feet

The Committee liked this statue for its simple iconography and stoicism.

Location: Bayfront Park. Material: Brass. Height: 25 feet

This statue spoke to us for its democratic everyman values.

Location: Downtown. Material: Resin. Height: 15 feet

Among the heads we received, this one was tops.

Location: Park Point. Material: Stainless steel. Height: 65 feet

The eloquence of this work speaks for itself.

Location: Canal Park. Material: Copper. Height: 75 feet

Based on the Colossus of Rhodes, the Committee found the classical references irresistible.

Location: The inner harbor. Material: Copper. Height: 18 feet (statue and base together)

The effect of this proposal under spotlights sold us.

Location: The horizon. Materials: Copper with steel superstructure on concrete island. Height: 500 feet

Although vaguely fascist, we were taken in by the statue’s Modernist abstraction and sweeping grandiosity. A restaurant and bar in the head will serve food and drink 24 hours a day to sailors for three seasons per year.

Location: Downtown. Materials: Stainless Steel. Height: 25 feet

A giant Bob Dylan downtown leaning on a streetlight captured all our imaginations.

Location: Park Point, bay side. Material: Stainless steel. Height: 25 feet

Children should be able to play in Bob Dylan’s shadow.

Location: Canal Park. Material: Concrete. Height: 25 feet

The Committee appreciated this entry’s Bolshevik patina.

Location: UMD campus. Materials: Permanent multimedia installation. Height: 85 feet

The maintenance of this installation will keep local multimedia artists employed for 20 years.

Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to all our winners! 

UPDATES: 1.) Committee for Giant Colossal Statues of Bob Dylan homepage 2.) 100 Giant Colossal Statues of Bob Dylan, Duluth region (Google Map) 


Ray Gooch

about 1 year ago

Do we have any images of the projected revolving restaurant in the head of the largest statue? 


Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 1 year ago

@RayGooch: Only the ones in our hearts...

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