The Committee for Building a Giant Colossal Statue of Bob Dylan

Proposal: Building a Giant Colossal Statue of Bob Dylan in Lake Superior by Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge Canal.


Introduction: Bob Dylan is an iconic figure in the world of music and literature, and he has a special connection to the city of Duluth, Minnesota, where he was born. As a tribute to his legacy, we propose to build a giant, colossal statue of Bob Dylan in Lake Superior by Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge Canal. The statue would be a significant tourist attraction and a symbol of Duluth’s cultural heritage. This proposal aims to compare and contrast various studies and proposals for building the statue, identify the best design, and explain the benefits of this project.

Comparing and Contrasting Various Studies and Proposals: Several studies and proposals have been made about building a Bob Dylan statue in Duluth. One proposal suggested building the statue at Bayfront Festival Park, while another suggested placing it on the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center Plaza. Both proposals were deemed unsuitable due to lack of space and potential obstruction of the surrounding views.

Another proposal suggested building the statue in Canal Park near the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge. While this proposal received some support, it was not ideal due to the lack of space and the potential for the statue to block the view of the bridge.

After considering these proposals, we have identified a new location for the statue. Our proposal is to build the statue in Lake Superior, directly in front of the Aerial Lift Bridge. This location offers ample space, and the statue’s placement would not block the bridge’s view. Additionally, this location would create a unique photo opportunity for tourists, and the statue would be visible from several locations in Duluth.

Fruitful Visioning and Design Sessions: To ensure that the statue is a successful and memorable tribute to Bob Dylan, we propose organizing several visioning and design sessions. These sessions would bring together local artists, community leaders, and tourism experts to generate ideas and concepts for the statue’s design. These sessions would also ensure that the statue reflects the values and cultural identity of the Duluth community.

Upsides of the Proposal: Building a giant, colossal statue of Bob Dylan in Lake Superior by Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge Canal would have several benefits for the city. The statue would be a significant tourist attraction and generate revenue for the city’s tourism industry. It would also be a symbol of Duluth’s cultural heritage and a tribute to one of the city’s most famous sons. Additionally, the statue would create a unique and memorable photo opportunity for tourists, and its placement in Lake Superior would be a stunning visual spectacle.

Conclusion: In conclusion, building a giant, colossal statue of Bob Dylan in Lake Superior by Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge Canal would be a significant cultural and tourism project for the city. By comparing and contrasting various proposals and conducting visioning and design sessions, we have identified the best location and design for the statue. We believe that this project would be a valuable addition to the city’s cultural heritage and a fitting tribute to Bob Dylan’s legacy.

UPDATES: 1.) Finalists announced! 2.) 100 Giant Colossal Statues of Bob Dylan, Duluth region (Google Map)

The Committee would like to thank our collaborators ChatGPT and

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Greg Tiburzi

about 12 months ago

A statue of Dylan near Lake Superior is a bad idea. How can a man compete or compliment the great lake? We've got Bob Dylan Way already. His boyhood home and great music is a fitting honor enough. But if you must, look to the Hibbing monument for inspiration.

Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 12 months ago

@Greg Tiburzi: Thanks for your comment. The Hibbing monument, like Hibbing itself, is too small. I will not be happy until there is a statue of Bob Dylan as big as the Statue of Liberty watching over our fair city and giving the lake (and Hibbing) an inferiority complex


about 12 months ago

Duluth needs five Dylan statutes, life sized. Newborn baby Dylan outside of childhood home. 16-year-old outside the Armory. 20-year-old somewhere up the hill (Enger Tower? ... because it's windy?). 40-year-old by Brighton Beach and old Dylan at Bayfront.

Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 12 months ago



about 12 months ago

The mock-ups here look like they ate acid…true facemelting, Tim Leary style.  

I would prefer a colossus of Rhodes style statue that would allow auto traffic to pass under Dylan’s legs. Optimal location would be at the entrance to old 61 just before the expressway. Hand-hewn out of northshore Gabbro or-in a symbolic gesture to Hibbing-out of high-grade hematite from the Mesabi Range (the later would likely be easier to work with hand tools). The statue would be laser-etched with every lyric Dylan has penned. A walkway from either side would provide access to a burger joint and gift shop in the statue’s pelvic area. From this vantage point, visitors could view the swarms of summer traffic and look upon the harbor of Duluth in the distance. Sell the naming rights to Verizon or Citibank and setup a permanent pothole fund. Concert venue would be a nice touch.

“Cause we’ll put some bleachers out in the sun
And have it on highway 61 
Ah, yeah 
Out on highway 61
Yeah, pull over baby”

Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 11 months ago

@Lager_Man: Thank you for your comment. After reading it I had a vision of multiple colossal Dylan statues throughout Duluth, regarding each other.

Saul Good

about 11 months ago

Anybody thought to reach out and ask what Bob thinks about a giant statue of himself in the city/lake? Seems like a no brainer to me. Then again, considering all the reading I've done on the man, it may be better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

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