The Institute for the Study of Light and Water: Fall weather report

Green-red and other impossible hues

Evaluation of Impossible Colors

On the grounds of the Institute, which really are all grounds, observations were made of maple and oak leaf colors absent from Newton’s spectrum: green-red and other impossible hues. The Institute conducted evaluations along subjective parameters as follows:

Reflectance: Gold leaves release stored light into the air

Lightness values: Clouds cast overhead like a net

Corpuscular: Clouds strangle the sun

Unrefrangibility: Temperature drops like an anchor

Optics: Wittgenstein dismantled the view that “colors are features of places in the visual field”

Experiential: Dawn a pink slash on baby blue water

Gleaming: The Institute feels like a stained-glass window

Daylight an increasing aberration. Operatic dusk scraps. Hypothesis: The palace of light is a gross illusion. Light without photons remains the critical discovery of the Institute. Conclusion: Real light is dream light, memory light. Dream spectra contain undiscovered chromographies. Time-like memory chromographs provide functional eternities.

Experimentum crucis

Darkness through a prism reveals spectra of absence. Matter is invisible until light strikes. Light is invisible until matter gets in the way. Hypothesis: the basis of the world is invisibility. Corollary: Sight is violence. Conclusion: The eye as photon collider.

The Institute performed the two-slit experiment with molecules of water instead of photons. Each molecule behaved as a particle, but in groups they acted as waves. Conclusion: Light equals water, E = H2O.

The two-slit experiment performed with waves of darkness confirmed the existence of a darkness particle, a true anti-photon emitted by shadows. The Institute is the experiment.

Renumbering the Seasons

Sun races wall of clouds. Purple mist. Warm drizzle a bit of grace as the last thunderstorm of the year approaches. Compared to languid endless summer, fall weather stays busy. Fogs. Wind for days. The populace braces for winter.

There are two true seasons: winter and summer. The others are zones of transit, phase-changes. Winter and summer are of themselves and we pendulum between them. To wit: Fall is the dying of summer, a process happening to summer. Winter is death. Spring is the birth of summer.

The Institute finds spring’s lengthening daylight irritating versus the uterine somnambulist midnights of December. With summer or winter, the lake is either soaked with light or darkness, enlivening the Institute’s studies.

One postulate supposes a single season: summer. Summer’s growing and dying is the entire year. Winter is summer’s absence.

There is a theory of no seasons. There are parts of California where it’s always spring. The wheel of the seasons has a flat tire.

Fire up the Photon Smashers

Rainbow situation as the air can’t decide between warm and cool. Leaves fly everywhere, the wind playing them like maracas. Half leaf cover. Clouds drag the sun fighting and kicking behind the hillside. Electric neon pink dusk fades to peach. Time slips in the dark. Is it 7, or 9? The question is ridiculous, days pass at Mach 1.

Cold cloudless afternoon. Leaf cover almost gone. Prism by the window throws a spectrum on the floor of the Institute. Eyes adjusted to impossible chromography, I HALO jump between the colors of the rainbow in a fractal zoom. Hypothesis: The light of dreams and memories is made of shadow. Corollary: Relativistic effects attend to darkness as to light. Conclusion: Light = darkness.

The Institute feels like a stained glass window

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