Lake Superior Aquaman: Top 30 Photos

My favorite captures from a billion years of posting at Perfect Duluth Day. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Alyssa Hoppe “Super ‘tudes”

“Polar Bear Plunge Ice Block in Foreground”

“Ice Cube Farm”

“Rock Beach Landscape Feature”

“Sunset at Snow-Fort City”

“Rock Beach Landscape”

“Sunset Over the Harbor”


Erin Tope “Ghosts of the French River”

“People’s Free Skate Final Night Freakout”

“Sonja Martin at People’s Free Skate”

“Park Point Lichen”

“Crystal Cove Landscape”

“Gitchi-Ode’ Akiing Mushroom”

“1st Annual Duluth Rock-Skipping Contest”

“Freediving the Outer Harbor Obstruction Buoy”

“MacManus Stoneworks Piece at Lester River”

“Self Portrait at Mad Island”

“Dead ChipmunK”

“Juvenile Merganser”

Mary Bue “Apple in the Ocean” Still

“Lake Superior Wave”

Cam Rose “Ophelia Prowls the Chapel”

“Ice Sheet Pulls Away from Shore”

“Rock Beach Grasshopper”

“Self-Portrait in Lake Superior Tidepool”

“Alas Poor Horatio”

“Sticking Camera in Ice Sheet Rift”

Cam Rose “A Tischer Creek Ophelia”

“High Seas Encounter”

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