Planetary distress call recorded by UMD Observatory (UPDATE: with reply)

AP: University of Minnesota, Duluth – The UMD observatory at the Swenson College of Science and Engineering has recorded a planetary distress call. The audio has been obtained by the Richardson brothers of Duluth, shared here. God help us all. (UPDATE below!)

…There’s been a reply, and well, there’s good news and bad news:


David Beard

about 2 weeks ago

Can we get a tag here indicating that UMD does not, to the best of my knowledge, have an “observatory” and that this is fiction?

Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 2 weeks ago

The post is so tagged, and UMD does have an observatory which I have linked to, so it is both fiction and nonfiction.

David Beard

about 1 week ago

I've worked at UMD for 15 years and never once set foot in an observatory, because it's been closed for decades.

Observatory | Swenson College of Science and Engineering

A Planetarium is not an Observatory, in case that's the confusion.

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