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Duluth Waterfront Aerial Photo Circa 1903

This image from the Minnesota Digital Library, contributed from the Kathryn A. Martin Library Archives & Special Collections is estimated to be from the year 1903 — 120 years ago. It shows the Duluth Shipping Canal prior to construction of the Aerial Bridge, along with views of Canal Park, Rice’s Point and the old West End.

Postcard from the Babes on Park Point

This undated postcard features a trio of sunbathing beauties on Park Point circa the 1960s.

Selective Focus: Full-on PDDs

Select photos from Instagram spanning mid-June to mid-July 2023, all hashtagged with the name of a certain website. #perfectduluthday

Love and Kisses from Duluth in 1903

This Detroit Publishing Company postcard of Duluth is copyright 1902 and was mailed July 16, 1903 — 120 years ago today. The writing at the left indicates the temperature that day was 71 degrees.

Duluth Boat Club racers trained on Shredded Wheat Biscuit

The Duluth Boat Club Eight Oared Crew won the Senior Eight Oared Race in the Northwestern International Regatta at St. Paul in July 1913 — 110 years ago — according to this Shredded Wheat Company advertisement.

Mystery Photo: Third Street Patriots

This image, found on eBay and still available for sale as of July 3, has “609 W. 3rd Dr. Duluth” written on the front. It looks as if the famous Duluth Incline Railway is in the background, which would seem to verify the photo was indeed shot on West Third Street.

Postcard from the Ruins of the Chambers House

The caption on this undated postcard suggests that it shows the ruins of American Fur Company’s trading post at Fond du Lac, but it is actually the ruins of the home of Michael and Emily Chambers. (More on that in the comments.)

Happy 20th birthday to us!

Expressions of gratitude, reflections on past perfection and visions for the future might come later, but right now it’s time to party. Yes, Duluth’s Duluthiest website is 20 years old today.

Up the Incline from Superior Street in 1913

This postcard of the Duluth Incline was mailed 110 years ago today — June 24, 1913.

Northern Pacific Dock No. 4

This image from a 35mm Kodachrome slide shows Northern Pacific Dock No. 4 on Duluth’s waterfront in 1953 — 70 years ago. The location is where Bayfront Park is today.

Postcard from Bloomer’s Drive-in

Bloomer’s Drive-in was a roadside restaurant in Duluth, located near the ore docks and Wade Stadium. It opened in 1955, operated by Walter Bloomer and his younger brother Robert. It was sold in 1960.

PDD Transmission launches June 29

The first edition of Perfect Duluth Day’s weekly email newsletter, the PDD Transmission, will be sent out June 29. It’s free, but to receive it you must spend roughly 20 seconds entering your name and email address into a form. We hope you are up to the task.

Whether you need additional inspiration or not, a prize is dangling in front of you.

Selective Focus: Pre-summer PDDs

Select photos from Instagram spanning mid-May to mid-June 2023, all hashtagged with the name of a certain website. #perfectduluthday

Marty Marflow and the Melody Makers (featuring the Calhoun Sisters) – “Duluth St. Paul & Winona”

There are a few songs on Perfect Duluth Day’s list of songs with “Duluth” in the lyrics or title that are not available online. The one we highlight here is “Duluth St. Paul & Winona” by Marty Marflow and the Melody Makers (featuring the Calhoun Sisters), which was released 20 years ago.

Mystery Photos: Handsome Men at Ely Studio

The identities of the four gentlemen in this photo are not known, but the postcard is marked as having been shot at the Ely Studio. Photographer Cook Ely operated in Duluth from roughly 1895 to 1914, with a stint in St. Paul somewhere in the middle. Ely Studio was located at 2030 W. Superior St. — the corner where the Anderson Furniture building stands today.

This photo sold recently on eBay, where it was titled “RPPC Handsome Men w Hats Ely Studio of Duluth Studio Real Photo Postcard.”

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