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Mystery Photo: Thiel’s Art Gallery in Duluth

Who is the handsome gentleman in this cabinet card photo? That information might be lost to history, but we know from the printing on the card that the image was shot at Carl Thiel’s Art Gallery in Duluth. Handwritten on the back of the card is the date: “Jan. 1896.”

Postcard from West Superior Street

This undated postcard, published by W. G. MacFarlane, shows Superior Street in Downtown Duluth with the Lyceum Theatre at left and Spalding Hotel at right marking the intersection of Fifth Avenue West. The Maurices headquarters and Ordean building and plaza occupy those corners today.

Arty Duluth Concert Ticket Stubs

In general, concert tickets are not attractively designed. These days people show up at the gate with a computer printout as evidence of admission purchased online, or more often just hold up their phone to display a code. When there are physical tickets involved, they tend to be nothing more than a faded Ticketmaster logo with the show details in grey, all-caps print. And that’s just in the case of mainstream traveling artists.

When it comes to shows featuring local bands, there often are no tickets involved at all. Admission is frequently free or it’s a cash-at-the-door affair. But there are a few occasions where tickets to local shows get arty.

River City Records & Books open in Lincoln Park

Chris Huppert shops for phonograph albums Saturday at the newly opened River City Records & Books in Duluth. Huppert had list of 10 hard-to-find albums he was searching for.

Traffic was brisk at River City Records & Books on Saturday. The new store at 1814 W. Superior St. in Duluth’s Lincoln Park Craft District opened on Friday at 3 p.m.

Postcard from the Proposed Court House Group in Duluth

This undated postcard depicts plans for the Duluth Civic Center, a cluster of government buildings that includes the St. Louis County Courthouse (1909), Duluth City Hall (1928), Gerald W. Heaney Federal Building (1930), St. Louis County Jail (1923) and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (1919).

Postcard from Spruce Point Motel in Beaver Bay

Featured here are two undated postcards from Gallagher’s Studio of Photography that promote the Spruce Point Motel in Beaver Bay. The older card shows how it was originally a one-story structure before the second story was added.

Mystery Photo: McDowell Sisters

This old cabinet card photo, for sale on eBay, was shot in Duluth. Several details are provided, but some mysteries persist.

Postcards from Bill’s Mount Silver Motel and Cabins

The postcard above, and the one below, were both published by Gallagher’s Studio of Photography circa the 1950s. And both were made to promote Bill’s Mount Silver Motel and Cabins on Silver Cliff Bay, northeast of Two Harbors. The location now features private residences.

Duluth and the Harbor from Highway 11 in 1923

Photo by William L. Barker, Jr. for the U.S. Forest Service.

This photograph from the National Archive is dated Oct. 1, 1923 — 100 years ago today. The caption reads: “Duluth and the harbor on Lake Superior from Highway #11.”

Selective Focus: Fall Colors 2023

Chlorophyll, schmlorophyll; turn up the carotenoids and anthocyanin. The annual biochemical process is underway. Progression of fall and peak leaf colors can be tracked with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Fall Color Finder.

Featured here is Perfect Duluth Day’s annual collection of select images from Instagram showcasing nature’s palette.

Postcard from the Rocky Shores of Lake Superior

This undated postcard, circa 1970, was published by Gallagher’s Studio of Photography. The caption on the back read: “Rocky Shores Along the Circle Route of Lake Superior.”

Postcard from the Superior YMCA

This century-old postcard shows the old YMCA building at Ogden Avenue and 14th Street in Superior. Though the card is postmarked, the year is not legible.

Mystery Photos: Duluth Counterfeiters of 1883

From left to right: Charles Chambers, James McGovern and Frank Watters

It was on this date 140 years ago — Sept. 10, 1883 — that the first arrests were made in connection to a counterfeiting operation at a Duluth grocery store.

Postcards from the Launching of a 600-foot Freighter

Although the postcard caption above reads “Launching of a 600 ft Freighter, Duluth, Minn.,” the vessel in the image appears to be the SS Edward Y. Townsend, which was built in Superior.

Duluth-area School Pin-back Buttons

Be true to your school and let your colors fly. Collected here are various pin-back buttons promoting schools in, or near, Duluth.