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This is Duluth

Twenty-six pages of Duluth propaganda circa 1981.

Duluth Trivia Cards

I scored a box of Duluth Trivia cards at Savers.

Some of the questions include:

The first vessel to pass through the Duluth Ship Canal was named:

  • The Fero
  • The Ishpeming
  • The Handy

Duluth Trivia Board Game

Savers is a wonderful thing. For $1.99, I picked up a Duluth Trivia board game.

Some doozies:

1. What was on the roof of the former Goldfines building on Garfield Avenue?
2. What business is located there now? (It’s still there, I think.)
3. What movie starring Patty Duke was filmed at Glensheen?
4. For many years, the Duluth Zoo had the only living specimen in the US of one animal. Name that animal.

Air Canada Silver Broom 1976 World Curling Championship


Duluth: For Rest and Relaxation on Beautiful Lake Superior

Duluth Duluth

Old Tokens to Existing Duluth Establishments

Kom On Inn Token Owls Club Buffalo House Buffalo Chip Duluth

Consider this a companion post to “Tokens to Long-gone Duluth Establishments.”

My friends went to Duluth and all I got was this crummy mug


… at least it wasn’t a T-shirt.

Keep Cool with Coolidge in Duluth


Zenith Quartette circa 1908

Zenith Quartette Duluth

The Zenith Quartette was a Dutch vocal group based in Duluth. Members shown in this old flier are Carl Hvaal, first tenor; J. Olsen, second bass; O.A. Gronsette, baritone and O.O. Hovday, second tenor.

Tokens to Long-gone Duluth Establishments

West Duluth Bar and Grill Garrick Cigar and Lunch Duluth Main Tea Rooms Duluth North Pole Bar Token Duluth Sambo's Token Duluth White Front Tavern West End Liquor Store Marshall Wells Stores Esmond Bar Token Lenox Casino Token Fifth Avenue Pool Hall Token Dugout Cafe Bar Token Cook's Place Token Amber Flow Token Paul Bunyan Bar Token Recreation Cigar Store Token Esquire Bar Token Bud and Carls Dugout Cafe in Duluth R Orlich West Duluth Token 1921 Superior St token


  • Yes, the North Pole Bar has only been closed since 2014, so it’s not really “long” gone, but waiting to add it here might result in it getting lost.
  • The Sambo’s token was featured before in the post “Sambo’s Restaurant.”
  • The Cook’s Place token was featured once before in a Mystery Photo post.
  • A Duluth-Superior Transit Company Token was also featured in a previous post.

Cool Duluth Minnesota: Summer City of the Continent

Cool Duluth

This little item was recently unearthed by Michael J. Martens of Portland, Ore., and sent PDD’s way via Jess Koski.

Duluth Matchbook Collection

Duluth Matchbook Collection

Inspired by the Duluth Button Collection, Perfect Duluth Day now presents the Duluth Matchbook Collection — a gallery of small cardboard folders with a striking surface on one side, featuring images promoting select enterprises of the Arrowhead region.

Pride of the Twin Ports Area Game

Pride of the Twin Ports Area Game Board

From the heyday of Monopoly comes … Pride of the Twin Ports Area Game! It doesn’t appear to be something local marketing geniuses came up with, but rather a product of a company called Citipride of America, which probably made different versions of the game for different cities across the country. Perhaps the local Chamber of Commerce sold sponsorships on the game board to various businesses to raise money to have the game made, and then sales of the game raised money for the chamber … or something. That’s all conjecture; there doesn’t seem to be any info online about the game or the company.

So, does anyone else have this game? Can anyone put a year on it? It’s no older than 1978, because the instructions contain historical info about the sponsoring local businesses and mention that Northwest Office Supply expanded in 1978. It’s no more recent than 1982, because the Normandy Hotel was taken over by Holiday Inn & Suites that year.

Found: Warehouse Bar artifact

1988 relic.

Duluth Button Collection

If you have a button to add, upload it to the comments. It’s one of the nice things about the Internet — we can all have a button collection without having to have a button collection.