Time Capsule Needed

What’s the proper endgame for this shirt? In my practice, bleach spillage (as is the case here) would usually qualify this shirt for a move from my Saturday pile to the rag bin. But with this being such a noteworthy piece of early Perfect Duluth Day, and for that matter Duluth history, it seems like there should be a more proper retirement.

Hey Paul, have you swung a deal with Karpeles yet? While a “Starfire Screen Printing Co” branded rag would certainly bring a smile whenever wiping a dipstick clean, it just seems almost blasphemy to take a scissors to this shirt. A few years ago I donated my “Resolution Run” shirt to the local vets. But my “Roar by the Shore – Red Lion” shirt still makes an appearance. The three pack could have been a permanent installment in the PDD wing at Karpeles had I been thinking long term. Maybe Starfire could use this in a quilting project? It was a great shirt …



about 3 years ago

Splatter more bleach on it so it looks like you meant to do that.

Paul Lundgren

about 3 years ago

At the PDD Headquarters, T-shirts are retired in a ceremonial thumbtacking to the garage ceiling. When Karpeles comes calling, it'll be a bugger getting them down.

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