Matchbooks from Duluth Restaurants and Bars

It’s been five years since Perfect Duluth Day published its first gallery of Duluth-area matchbooks. Since then, the collection has grown significantly. This new post features only matchbooks from bars and restaurants in Duluth. Some of them have been pulled out of the original post and placed in this new post; others are appearing for the first time.

Enjoy the nostalgia and, whatever you do, for the love of humanity, please close cover before striking.

Rocket Bar Matchbook Tappa Keg Inn - West Duluth Joe's Pickwick Dutch Room Jade Fountain Jolly Fisher Duluth

Crystal Terrace matchbook RT Quinlan's in Duluth



about 3 years ago

These are great; thanks!!


about 3 years ago

Very cool! I like the Afterburner Lounge one.


about 3 years ago

Here’s one more that I’ve got!

Paul Lundgren

about 1 year ago

Most matchbooks don't have printing on the inside, but the Crystal Terrace is an exception. One might call it one of the Northwest's Smartest matchbook interiors.

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