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Keep a lap pool in Downtown Duluth!

There are rumors that Essentia Health’s downtown campus may no longer include a lap pool, after the planned remodel/reorganization. The aquatics center slated for Hermantown may be meant to replace the current pool. Hermantown is not a convenient location for many people who swim at Essentia’s Duluth facilities, including many medical staff, seniors, and those with special needs.

If Essentia is serious about improving and expanding its health and wellness services, it should continue to provide the health-promoting benefits of a pool, at a convenient, affordable downtown location, accessible by public transportation. Essentia got many swimmers hooked on fitness through swimming in its great adults-only, extended-hours lap pool!

To sign a petition in support of the lap pool, go to:

Perfect Duluth Fishing Opener Experience

At Marshall Hardware yesterday, an older man comes in and asks for handwarmers “because Sam Cook says I’ll need them tomorrow.”

Weird noise

I have been hearing a low, humming rumble come from the downtown area for the past half hour at least — it’s 1:18 a.m. I am in Lakeside near the lake around 54th Avenue East. Is anyone else hearing this? Could it be boat sounds carrying over the water? No boat visible.

Orange and white kitty — stray? feral?

A medium-sized orange and white cat has been coming to eat on my deck for the past (at least) two weeks. It runs when it sees me — so no photo (yet). I will try to catch it and see if there is a collar or chip and what shape it’s in. Lakeside — near London Road and 54th Avenue East.

Good activities for visiting relatives

I have three coming over for Thanksgiving, including a conservative brother in law. Here’s what I have so far: comedy at Dubh Linn, Karpeles Manuscript Museum, Duluth Art Institute and Bentleyville. Hockey game? For the girls: pedicures, possible drag show? I have lots of fun eating places lined up; may need more other stuff. I know — we can sit around and play cards and board games, too.

Good Asian Food in Duluth

My friend from Chicago is visiting. We used to go to the Lotus Inn. Where should we go now?


Dylan coming here July 9 and from the DNT article: Dan Russell, executive director of the DECC – which manages Bayfront Festival Park – estimated that the park has a capacity of 12,500. There are no chairs allowed at the event. Russell wasn’t sure whether to expect it to sell out.


Charles Duluth on TV’s The Americans

I just found out about this by reading on the TWOP blog about the show. The character Charles Duluth (played by Reg Rogers) has been in two episodes so far. I wonder how they decided on his last name?

A good place to have snow tires put on?

I know I’m late — tires are off the wheels, so need mounting/balancing … thanks!

Lost at Hawk Ridge

Please tell me other people get lost hiking in that area…maybe I’m extra dumb, but this was my third time. A walk that was supposed to be about an hour turned into 2 hours and 38 minutes, and yes I counted. Wow — !!! Somehow I lost my trail on the way back and the return trail deviated really far into the wrong direction…I was very happy to see my car again…and I can walk OK today, amazingly. I must be in better shape than I thought. Next time I will bring a map!

Air Duct Cleaning Recommendation?

Does anyone have good experience with an air/furnace duct cleaner in Duluth?

Sanitary Sewer Easement

Has anyone had experience granting an easement across their property for sewer installation? I may be forced to (in a situation where several close neighbors are being asked to decide whose properties the easement should go on) and am wondering if there are negative repercussions as far as property value, etc. I have read some things online about this issue, and am interested in personal experiences.

Burrito Union tonight

Were any of you there tonight from 5:30-7:30? I had a feeling some PDD people were there…but don’t know what you look like…!

Broken car windows — 3:30 a.m. 6/12 — Lakeside

I heard that several cars had windows smashed early this morning, on/near Colorado Avenue in Lakeside.

Weird light!!!

There was a scintillating pure white light on the south shore of Lake Superior from around 3 to 3:15 a.m. It looked big but binoculars did not make it much clearer. It shone all the way across the lake onto my bedroom wall! I have seen it before but don’t recall when. Does anyone know what this was?