Weird noise

I have been hearing a low, humming rumble come from the downtown area for the past half hour at least — it’s 1:18 a.m. I am in Lakeside near the lake around 54th Avenue East. Is anyone else hearing this? Could it be boat sounds carrying over the water? No boat visible.



about 9 years ago

"Hey, it's a nice night....It's one of the last ones.  I mean, that low rumble you hear? It's winter.  It's only about a mile away."

I just read this in "The Snow Queen" by Michael Cunningham.  He and I think you heard winter.  So that's depressing.


about 9 years ago

That's cool -- (HA) -- maybe I need to read this book!


about 9 years ago

I can hear that too. Not sure, but I think I've heard it before... Just some of the random noises that now and then emit from industrial Duluth and the shipping areas.


about 9 years ago

I live a bit north of town, and every once in a while I can hear a train lumbering about somewhere to the southwest.  I can typically hear it for about 20 minutes or so before it fades out of town.


about 9 years ago

I have been hearing that same noise at the same time, but I live further inland, almost a mile up 54th from Superior St. At this distance, I assumed it was a train. They often move freight cars up and down those tracks late at night and I was thinking that was what I was hearing. If you are closer to the tracks and don't think it is a train, then it must be something else. I have heard the noise a lot lately, so whatever it is seems to be on some sort of schedule.


about 9 years ago

People I know on Park Point said dredging is going harbor.


about 9 years ago

Probably the Navy testing the weaponizing of freshwater fish. Or I just made that up.

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