Weird light!!!

There was a scintillating pure white light on the south shore of Lake Superior from around 3 to 3:15 a.m. It looked big but binoculars did not make it much clearer. It shone all the way across the lake onto my bedroom wall! I have seen it before but don’t recall when. Does anyone know what this was?



about 10 years ago

How far away from Wisconsin Point? According to Duluth Shipping News, the Algowood was scheduled to arrive at Superior Entry between 3-4AM for the Ore Dock. Those ships use immense spotlights to navigate the channel- I've spotted them from all the way up on Observation Hill. They might've been looking about and accidentally lit you up!


about 10 years ago

In Cornucopia there is a top secret nuclear powered holding cell designed to contain the alien creatures that have been kept there since 1952.  I'm not supposed to tell anyone about this.  I also heard that the alien's allies "liberated" them last night right at that very time!  Please do not let anyone know that I've you .... no!! please???? ahahahahgghhh!!


about 10 years ago

thanks for the suggestions -- HunterD's sounds most logical, tho the others are more exciting,,,hope UR OK bret...


about 10 years ago

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