Sanitary Sewer Easement

Has anyone had experience granting an easement across their property for sewer installation? I may be forced to (in a situation where several close neighbors are being asked to decide whose properties the easement should go on) and am wondering if there are negative repercussions as far as property value, etc. I have read some things online about this issue, and am interested in personal experiences.



about 11 years ago

If it is a temporary or construction easement, it will be temporary, and you should cooperate, not make it too expensive or big hassle, because it'll be part of the assessments later. 

If it is a permanent easement, it can effect property value, as you can not build on, place shed, or fence over the area, if you do, do so at your own risk. The city, county, should have to pay you for the easement. Again, be reasonable, you'll pay for part of it in your assessments as well your neighbors. Usually the only time they would need to use is the easement it to install, repair, or maintenance of the sewer.


about 11 years ago

Thank you. I think it would be permanent. I will talk to city engineer if necessary regarding compensation.


about 11 years ago

Barb and I decided to let our neighbors put their sewer across our back yard because they really did not have a choice.  Their other neighbor wouldn't do it (student house).

It worked out well for us because it paid for part of our required I&I work and replaced the old clay sewer pipe which was funky and backed up.  We can't build anything there anyway -- the lot is too small (37.5 feet wide).

The deck at Chester Creek Cafe is on city land and we would have to remove it if they asked us to - but it is worth it because we use it all the time.  The answer I guess is -- it is situational.

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