Duluth Boat Club Posts

Duluth Boat Club racers trained on Shredded Wheat Biscuit

The Duluth Boat Club Eight Oared Crew won the Senior Eight Oared Race in the Northwestern International Regatta at St. Paul in July 1913 — 110 years ago — according to this Shredded Wheat Company advertisement.

Duluth Boat Club circa 1906

This photo from the Detroit Publishing Company shows the Duluth Boat Club on the bay side of Minnesota Point at South Tenth Street. A previous clubhouse existed where Bayfront Park is today, but the facility shown in the photo above was built in 1903 and was destroyed by fire in 1951.

Log rolling in the Duluth Harbor, Summer 1911

The southeastern edge of the Aerial Lift Bridge can be seen in the upper left corner of this shot. The large building occupying most of the background is the Duluth Boat Club, built in 1903 at 1000 Minnesota Ave. on the edge of the Duluth Harbor. It closed in 1933 and was used to store boats until it was destroyed by fire in 1951.

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