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Selective Focus: Homegrown 2023 Canal Park Night

Select Instagram images from day three of the Homegrown Music Festival.

Selective Focus: Homegrown 2023 Craft District Night

Select Instagram images from day two of the Homegrown Music Festival.

Mystery Photo: Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Due to adequate labeling on the back of this photo, there isn’t too much mystery. But then again, there’s always a little mystery in there somewhere.

Selective Focus: Homegrown 2023 Opening Ceremonies

Select Instagram images from opening day of the Homegrown Music Festival.

Homegrown Music Festival 2023 Primer

The 25th annual Homegrown Music Festival is upon us. All the specifics are in a 116-page Field Guide available around town or online as a PDF. The most accurate version of the schedule is always at And this here primer consists of the random last-minute bulletins that always spring up.

Every Single Homegrown 1999 Photo Available

Members of Ballyhoo performing at the inaugural Homegrown Music Festival in 1999. (Photo courtesy Leon Rohrbaugh; photographer unknown)

On the eve of the 25th annual Homegrown Music Festival we take a look at every single locatable image from the first Homegrown in 1999. It was a few years before digital photography became a common thing, a few years before social media existed, and a few years before Homegrown became one of the most photographed events in Duluth.

Corner of the Lake, 1963

This photo by Lyman E. Nylander is dated April 28, 1963 — 60 years ago today. It shows several Canal Park icons — the Aerial Lift Bridge, Duluth Harbor North Breakwater Lighthouse, Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum — but the Duluth Lakewalk is still decades away from being built.

Because of the I-35 tunnel, with Gichi-ode’ Akiing / Lake Place Park built on top of it, shooting a modern photo from this perspective would be either challenging or impossible.

Mystery Photo: Winding on the Hoist Motor, Duluth, 1908

This image is from a postcard mailed 115 years ago today — April 26, 1908. The writing on the front of the card appears to refer to it as a “new style winding on the hoist motor” in use in Duluth. Perhaps engine experts and handwriting analysts can help correct or affirm this phrase and provide some description of what it means.

Selective Focus: Snowy and Sloppy Spring PDDs

Select photos from Instagram spanning mid-March to mid-April 2023, all hashtagged with the name of a certain website. #perfectduluthday

Mystery Photo: Fire Department Captain

This mystery photo is another from the studio of the fiery ol’ Swede Lars Liden. Penned on the photo is something along the lines of “f. d. Capt. Axel Strom.”

It seems somewhat clear that the photo is of the captain of some fire department, and since the photo was shot in Duluth it is likely this captain represents Duluth or some municipality near Duluth. So, Axel Strom? Is that the name?

Postcard from West Duluth’s Riverview Motel

This undated postcard shows the Riverview Motel in West Duluth, which operated during the latter half of the 1900s and was replaced in the early 2000s by Westgate Townhomes.

Duluth & Iron Range No. 3 at Two Harbors circa the 1940s

Duluth & Iron Range Railroad locomotive No. 3, known as “Three Spot,” was built 140 years ago, in 1883, by Philadelphia-based Baldwin Locomotive Works. It has been on display at the D&IR Depot in Two Harbors since 1923 — a solid century. This photo is estimated to be from the 1940s.

Mystery Photo: Daughter of Duluth

There are times when Perfect Duluth Day’s Mystery Photo isn’t very mysterious. And this is one of those times. We know who is in the photo and much of her biography, but the photography studio is one we haven’t seen another image from.

Best wishes from Cousin Mildred

Duluth’s beatnik coffee house had short life in 1960

Late in 1960, University of Minnesota Duluth student Bert Frink opened a beatnik coffee shop in Duluth called Bert’s Bit. It didn’t last long.

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