January 2024 Posts

Falastin will take over former New London Café

Fox 21 reports a Palestinian café and market will replace the New London Café at 4721 E. Superior St. in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood.

Lyla Abukhodair and her mother Ann have operated a Palentinian pop-up restaurant called Falastin for more than a year. They plan to open their brick-and-mortar location later this year.

Minnesota Historia: Inventing Pizza Rolls

Scandinavian cookbook author Bea Ojakangas developed pizza rolls while working for Jeno Paulucci in Duluth. But she hasn’t tasted one for 50 years. This video reveals what she thinks of pizza rolls today.

Minnesota Historia is a PBS North web series dedicated to Minnesota’s quirky past. It is hosted by Hailey Eidenschink and produced/edited/written by Mike Scholtz.

Greetings from Beautiful Duluth

This piece of handiwork is what’s known as a large-letter postcard, made from cutting up older postcards.

PDD Quiz: January 2024

The first month of 2024 is almost at an end; see how much of it you remember with this week’s quiz.

A PDD quiz about the movie Iron Will sleds your way on Feb. 11. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Feb. 8.

The Northland Sportsmen’s Club Wild Game Dinner

Review by Max Grace, former professor of molecular gastronomy at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Northland Sportsmen’s Club Wild Game Dinner
40th Annual All You Can Eat
Saturday, Sept. 28, 2023. Dinner at 6 p.m., drawing at 7.
Duluth Farmers Market, Duluth MN — as fine a farmers market as you could find in the U.S.!
$15 adult, $5 children under 10

~Silent Auction~
All proceeds to charity

Serving venison, bear, beaver, pheasant, duck, goose, salmon and other fish, along with wild rice and many other exotic dishes.

Thank you for your support!

Raffle: Ticket price $5. Tickets available from club members and at the dinner.
– 1st Prize: Henry Golden Boy brass-framed 45-70 lever action rifle
– 2nd Prize: Deep-fryer kit ($800 value)
– 3rd Prize: $200 cash
Many other prizes will be drawn at the Wild Game Dinner

The long rustic-red Farmers Market shack stood on bare dirt. A sunken glade of lower Chester Creek gurgled down below the treeline at the edge of the lot. The trees, conflicted about turning, flirted with the idea. Under a Jovian umber and orange cloudscape, I bought ticket #452 at a gate of day-glo-pink plastic web fencing.

Mystery Logo from Duluth Shirt

This sweatshirt logo is clearly connected to some sort of Duluth organization, but what? Does that symbol represent some combination of letters or some concept? Does anyone recognize this logo?

Wolves and Other Wildlife on the Mithrandir Trail

The Mithrandir Pack of wolves is the primary traveler seen on this trail camera footage from Voyageurs National Park, shot last summer and fall, but an array of other critters also pop in.

Steve’s Overpopulated One-man Band – “If Heaven Don’t Have Saunas, I Don’t Wanna Go!”

Duluth’s Steve Solkela is back from touring Finland and has a new music video for one of the first songs he wrote back in his high school days.

Gettin’ it Done with Albert Ordean

Duluth’s Ordean Foundation was started 90 years ago by Albert and Louise Ordean. As part of the 90th anniversary celebration, the Ordean Foundation produced several videos, including an animated story about one of Albert Ordean’s adventures out west. Local historian Tony Dierckins of Zenith City Press makes a cartoon cameo. The video was animated by Brian Barber and written by Mike Scholtz.

Why escape rooms didn’t last long in Duluth

Solve Entertainment launched Duluth’s first escape room on Nov. 28, 2015 with a game called “Silent Night.” Pictured here is the first team to play. (Photo via Solve Enterntainment’s Facebook page.)

Duluth was right in step with the escape-room trend when it began to boom across the United States eight years ago. The city’s first escape room opened two days after Thanksgiving 2015. By the next summer, a second had opened. Both saw solid booking numbers early on and both made it through the pandemic, but by early 2022 both were out of business.

PDD Geoguessr #10: Northern Minnesota in Atlas Obscura

Devil’s Kettle, a location featured in Atlas Obscura. Photo by the author.

This challenge provides the opportunity to go on a road trip without leaving the warmth of your house. Billing itself as “the definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders,” the website Atlas Obscura lists user-supplied travel destinations that the standard guidebooks usually omit. The site focuses in particular on unusual museums, folk art, natural wonders and memorials to otherwise forgotten history.

Postcard from Boulevard Lake

This postcard was sent from Scanlon by someone whose name looks something like “Alianine.” It was mailed on Jan. 21, but the year is not visible on the postmark. Clearly it’s about a century old. It shows what must be what is called Twin Ponds today, but is dubbed Boulevard Lake on the postcard.

Mayor Reinert puts hold on Duluth library plan

Northern News Now reports Duluth Mayor Roger Reinert is asking city councilors to rethink future plans for the Duluth Public Library.

EmbalmingEva – “Purity”

Duluth synth act EmbalmingEva released the video for “Purity” in December. It’s directed by Henriette Blade. The duo opens for Superior Siren on Valentine’s Day at Sacred Heart Music Center.

Big Into – “(Neil Young is) Thinking in the Negative (Again)”

So the story goes, Neil Young recommends chewing pieces of peppercorn to reduce marijuana-induced anxiety. And Big Into has a new song and video about that.

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