Greetings from Beautiful Duluth

This piece of handiwork is what’s known as a large-letter postcard, made from cutting up older postcards.

The card is dated 1907 by A. C. Pearson and postmarked Dec. 2, 1909. It is made with then-current images of Duluth.

The version above was collected and numbered by Elsie M. Hawbecker, as evidenced by the “E.M.H. #420.” A research rabbithole revealed that this type of large-letter postcard has inspired many collectors over the years, including Ms. Hawbecker. In the mid-1900s, M. Hawbecker, of Maryland, was the executive president of the All States Hobby Club and created and mailed many cards to other hobbyists. It seems unlikely that she ever travelled to Duluth, but she appreciated this classic postcard all the same.

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