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Where in Duluth (Flashback Edition)

Hint 1: This photo was taken in 2006.
Hint 2: The sign is no longer there.

Lift-accessed mountain biking at Spirit Mountain this summer

Starting May 23, Spirit Mountain is set to start running its lifts for mountain bikers. As of now there are two amazing trails that are an absolute blast to ride! If you want to try mountain biking this is a perfect opportunity for you.

Duluth-area car clubs and/or meets

I would like to make some connections with local classic car folks here in Duluth/Superior, but there is a distinct lack of information about any groups on the web (probably because car guys aren’t often computer guys too). I am looking for general interest meets or clubs, as opposed to a specific make clubs or, for instance, street-rod-only clubs.

Behind the scenes at Sheila’s belly dance class

Students warm up their hips and arms, and stretch out their bodies to get ready for belly dancing.

This past Tuesday night women gathered in the Lotus Center to practice one of their passions, belly dancing. The Lotus Center is on the second floor of Global Village on West Superior Street.

The event began with instructor Sheila Matthews leading the women in a warm up to get their hips moving and muscles stretched. Mathews then practiced the basic moves with them, both with and without music. She then had the girls run through a couple of routines that she had choreographed to music. The event ended with a cool down in which every one could practice whatever they wanted to a Shakira song.

Homegrown Band Publicity Photo Showdown: The Tisdales vs. Ryan Van Slooten

The Tisdales (photo by Ray Reigstad)

Ryan Van Slooten (photo by Jeremiah Brown)

With the Homegrown Music Festival coming up PDD launched a series of polls three weeks ago, tournament style, to determine which Duluth-area band has the sweetest pic. Last week Breanne Marie defeated Toby Thomas Churchill. This week we ask …

Which band has the better publicity photo?

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This poll is now closed. The results were:

The Tisdales – 81.0 percent
Ryan Van Slooten – 19.0 percent

Note: Only people who are logged in to their Perfect Duluth Day blogging account are allowed to vote (to prevent people from voting multiple times). To create an account, click here. If you need help figuring it out, click here.

Where in Duluth can a man get some martini’s these days?

Get your martini's!

Still upset that Black Woods stopped serving your favorite Martini’s to go back to the more traditional martinis? Well! Have no fear for you can now get them again on Tuesdays at another fine Superior Street establishment. But keeping in the spirit of Where in Duluth?, you’ll need to figure out where.

*Tap pints also not from tap.

Bob Monohan shows his cards

Bob Monohan does the art scene.

I had a fun interview with Bob Monohan of Chaperone Records, which I posted this morning at Ennyman’s Territory.

A short conversation with Doug Moen

Last year, during the January in Duluth project, I wandered into Doug Moen’s antique store with photographer Kip Praslowicz. Doug was very generous with Kip and me, two oddballs who wandered off the street to take up some of his time. And from what I’ve gathered, that seemed to be his M.O. During our short time together, he was warm, funny, honest, and so perfectly at home in his store, with his junk.

Doug and I recorded a short conversation while Kip took the photograph in a previous post. I never ended up making an audio piece from the recording, as I’d hoped, but I did make a transcription of the interview. Kip encouraged me to post it here for anybody who might be interested.

Sambo’s Restaurant

Recently discovered in my parents’ basement is this wooden coin from the old Sambo’s Restaurant, which was located where the Miller Hill Mall Perkins is today. Sambo’s was a chain with more than 1,000 locations during its heyday in the 1970s, according to the Wikipedia entry.

This week: expos, lies and love poems


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

If summer is the season for fests, winter must be the season for expos. The Duluth Energy Design Conference & Expo is at the DECC today through Wednesday and the Duluth Women’s Expo is at the DECC on Saturday.

The Children’s Hour opens at the Play Ground on Thursday and this will be the last show in that space. The Playhouse is opening a new second stage in the Depot called the Underground. The Children’s Hour runs two weekends.

Bigtree Bonsai, American Revival and Black River Revue play R. T. Quinlan’s on Friday.

On Saturday Al Hunter reads from his new book, “Beautiful Razor: Love Poems and Other Lies,” at Trepanier Hall with music provided by Kathy McTavish, Michael “Waabi” Furo, Jake Vainio, and Larissa Desrosier.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Mike and Jen’s Cocoa Mixes

Here’s a new little local business we should mention before the snow melts. The Packingham family in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood decided to attempt to develop “the best cocoa mix on the planet.” The result is Mike & Jen’s Cocoa Mixes. Mike is 14; Jen is 10. Their father Dean explains:

“We just started it around Christmas to cope with my ex-father-in-law’s cancer diagnosis, taking orders off Facebook. Next thing you know, my friend in Denmark offered to create the graphics and the label for free (the artist is famous for her work with Bella Sara cards — a line of girl’s trading cards that my daughter was so into when she was younger).

“My father-in-law was able to get the first bag at Christmas and it was very emotional. It also gave him a pick me up, and he asks about it all the time.”

So, has anyone out there tried it yet? Or are you all too bloated from Tom & Jerrys to mix things up with a little hot cocoa?

Rachael Kilgour – “In America”

Duluth’s Rachael Kilgour released a new three-song digital EP (Whistleblower’s Manifesto: Songs for a New Revolution) and music video last week — and also was profiled in City Pages.

The video was produced by Trent Waterman and Adeline Wright.

Snowmobiling Madness

Alright, I like winter as much as anyone else in Duluth and don’t want to spoil people’s fun. That being said, I have a neighbor who is a bit of a snowmobile enthusiest. He likes to ride his snowmobile around his yard ad nauseum at all hours of the night. He also likes to ride up and down the street and all over the schoolyard accross the street, especially when parents and kids are sledding. I have talked to him about this but he isn’t what you would call neighborly. Is this even legal to do? It seems a trail or a lake would be a better spot than a small yard or public space to ride around. Do I have a legitimate complaint or am I being the old guy shaking his fist at everyone?

Mont du Lac Snowboarding Video

Well aren’t you Mr. Popularity, Mayor Ness?

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

And to think that only yesterday you were a hate monger.

Note: KARE 11’s approval rating drops after failing to correctly spell the names of Jason Wussow and Peter Passi.

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