Duluth-area car clubs and/or meets

I would like to make some connections with local classic car folks here in Duluth/Superior, but there is a distinct lack of information about any groups on the web (probably because car guys aren’t often computer guys too). I am looking for general interest meets or clubs, as opposed to a specific make clubs or, for instance, street-rod-only clubs.

I happened by the West Duluth McDonald’s last summer and there was a group of nice cars gathered there. Is that a regular “come if you got’em” kind of event? I also know there are car shows on Superior Street, at the KIA Drag Race and in Gary during the summer, but who do you have to know to be a part of those shows?

Anybody here have affiliation with any of these groups, or contacts? Or do you just have to drive around in your awesome car and hope to get “tapped” by a scout?


Hot Shot

about 11 years ago

I used to hang with some guys at Duluth Superior Car Enthusiasts. Dorky name but lots of cool dudes.


about 11 years ago

The Duluth-Superior Car Enthusiasts group seems to have disappeared.

Bob L

about 11 years ago

I'm not an expert but I have helped organize the Downtown Car and Harley Revue on Superior Street for many years. My part has been the Harley Revue. If you want to show your car it's free. Just make sure you follow the rules about entering on Lake Ave. and parking your car. I would contact Mike Tillman at Duluth-Superior Trophy for information about local car clubs.  He's been involved with the car club scene for many years in the Duluth area and I'm sure he would be happy to assist you.

Barrett Chase

about 11 years ago

The largest (300+) classic car show in the area happens at Spirit Valley Days in late July/early August. I'm not sure how you go about getting your car into the show, but you'll probably want to keep your ears on for that one.


about 11 years ago

I know your request was for local Duluth/Superior car groups but the Fall of 2013 Two Harbors will be hosting the Minnesota Street Rod Association's Fall Campout. This is a big to-do (according to a coworker). 
If nothing else the two contact numbers may lead you to more events in Duluth. 

September 7
MSRA Fall Campout
Two Harbors, MN
Contacts: Dale Sohlstrom 218-525-3056
Gary Ojard, 218-834-2333

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Superior had a good selection of classic cars on Tower Avenue last year on the Fourth of July. I assume that's an annual thing. (I just happened to go to the Anchor bar for lunch that day and then noticed all the hubbub.)

Dawn Marie

about 11 years ago

I'm not sure who to contact, but I do know for Spirit Valley Days, if you've got the car it's pretty much just show up, park and mingle.  Same for the one at Smalley's out by the Buffalo house.  

There's typically a Wednesday night gathering at different spots around the area all summer too, might be MSRA sponsored?  

Sorry I am not more help, we are MSRA members and the BF takes care of the knowing when and where stuff, I just make sure I'm in the car and ready to go at the appropriate time.


about 11 years ago

Cruise in every Wednesday evening at the Clyde Iron Works parking lot starting in Late April. You can get information on upcoming shows there also. Last year the great people at Clyde were also giving a free drink ticket. There are usually about 50 cars there.

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