Is the Postal Service OK?

It recently snowed about thirteen inches here on the hill in the very middle of Duluth. Right here, in the urban middle.

That thirteen inches took three days to fall. It stopped snowing three days ago. The roads in my neighborhood have been entirely passable the whole time. Slick, perhaps, at times, but entirely passable.

Neighbors have been coming and going. School buses. Fed X, UPS.

But no Postal Service. No mail. Not a single truck since last Saturday.

Are they OK? Should we check on them?


Dave Sorensen

about 3 months ago

Aside from the weather, there's the matter of the Trump-appointed Post Master General's austerity plan. Louis DeJoy is a saboteur who inexplicably remains in his position. Republicans will no doubt use the problems he causes as an excuse to call for privatizing the Postal Service. 

Thank you to all the hardworking letter carriers out there doing their thankless jobs. 

The Guardian: "‘It’s going to delay the mail’: the fight over Louis DeJoy’s USPS plan"

David Beard

about 3 months ago

No problems here.  Only appreciation!


about 3 months ago

Last year at about this time my place in the Central Hillside didn't get mail for about 3 weeks. The post office has a hard time finding enough workers. It's not a happy entity to work for, I hear.

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