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Sylvester’s Downtown Duluth Store

Something to keep your mind busy today … Does anybody remember a store in Downtown Duluth in the 1990s named Sylvester’s? What did they sell and where was it located?

William A. Irvin on the move?

I walked by the Irvin yesterday as workers were cutting and smashing the ice around it. Rumor has it that it will be moved soon to accommodate the new sea wall construction which will start soon.

Park Point Fairfield Inn Construction

I’ve been watching the new hotel go up at the marina on about 10th Street and Minnesota Ave. and have noticed that a few weeks ago all construction suddenly stopped! Rumor has it that the city building inspector has put a stop to the construction. Anybody know what has really happened?

Minnesota Wine Exchange Review

I spent last Friday evening at the Minnesota Wine Exchange for the first time.  It is a fantastic place to enjoy Minnesota wines and beers right in the center of Downtown Duluth (Lake Ave & Superior St.).  If you’re interested in sampling wines, you can purchase a “flight” consisting of three glasses, each filled 1/3 full with a different wine for the reasonable price of $5. 

If you’re hungry, there are appetizers and sandwiches which I plan on trying some day soon when I go there for lunch. If you want to relax and enjoy conversation with friends, this is the place to go. Background music for listening with local art exhibited on two levels for viewing. The  paintings of the late John Peyton are currently being displayed.

This is a locally owned business selling Minnesota products which is a win-win situation. If you haven’t been there, I would encourage you to try it. The day I went there was a perfect Duluth day indeed!

Hacienda del Sol closed?

Seeing the House of Donuts post makes me wonder … what’s going on with the Hacienda del Sol?