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Duluth moving company recommendations … another try

About a year ago, an inquiry was posted to PDD for moving company recommendations. Bob at Wherley was the only person/company recommended.

I’m bringing the question back as my sister is moving — it’s a local job — packing her two-bedroom house (with garage) and transporting less than 10 miles away. Does anyone have a solid, dependable recommendation?

Also, can anyone speak to how the price is set or if there is an extra cost if the stuff is packed and loaded but sits on the truck for the next day? I appreciate your thoughts.

PDD Commercial

Did I see the first ever PDD commercial last night after The Playlist aired on WDSE-TV? Let the balloons and confetti explode!

Lake County DAC looking for program asst.

Please see our website for details regarding employment.

Overseas Travel

My 19-year-old daughter will be traveling overseas in March. Other than Mexico, this is her first out-of-the-country trip. I have limited out of the country travel experience and instead of instilling my fears of “what could happen” I want to offer her my support and well wishes.

Although she is in the military, this trip to Italy is for pleasure. She is fortunate in not having to worry about lodging as she will be staying with a friend. Her friend is also Air Force and lives off base.

Tidbits of advice I have so far is to make copies of passport and leave one at home or when using check card or credit card may get you at an acceptable rate but you may be imposed with fees.

Recommend travelers checks? What about using her current cell phone or ditch it for a pay as you go phone once she gets over there? Any advice appreciated!

Does at-home dog sitting exist in Duluth?

I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation for at-home dog sitting? It would be for one spoiled, cunning, food shark of a beagle kind. Preferred dog sitter to come to his home occasionally for sort of respite at the owner’s discretion. I am the “preferred” dog sitter but my sis would like options for when I am not available.

Job description includes walking, feeding, cleaning up after (in community) and lots of love. Cooper has been kenneled in the past but that leads to anxiety for him and owner. Anyone know of a reputable person that would go to Cooper’s house and stay for short days of time?

Perfect Duluth Intersection

I would like to nominate the intersection of 19th Ave E and 8th St for Most Courteous and Cordial to go through (unless it is freezing rain and a skating rink – cue video;). Among all the other intersections or four way stops in Duluth it is the best. Could it be a macrocosm of people who actually remember driver’s ed and training? I will leave it up to the masses to comment on the worst intersection.

It’s Only Just Begun …

The DNT’s A&E online blog “While You Were In” writes that there seems to be a war starting over Wilco and the recent “teenage boy’s” certificate naming them Duluth’s Honorary Band.

Where will you hide this weekend?

With the impending Grandma’s Marathon, where is the best place to hide?